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5 Best Fonts To Make Your Presentation Eye-catching

Using the best font to spice up and make your presentation more discernible to your audience will make that presentation more understandable. As much as your presentation contains useful and eye-opening information, it would be rendered useless if you do not use the fonts that can make your presentation easily readable.

To make sure that everyone can read your presentation, you need to use the best fonts to prevent your audience from misunderstanding the contents of your PowerPoint slides.

The Examples

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Want to know the best fonts you can use? Here it is!


As one of Microsoft’s sans serif typefaces that have been used since Windows 2000, Tahoma has proven itself to become capable of easily and perfectly illustrating information through words on a presentation.

With a level of clarity, distinctiveness, and formality essential for making a presentation more comprehensible, it is no wonder why Tahoma still becomes a popular choice for people in professional settings.

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Because of its popularity, people can immediately identify Tahoma that owes its readability and capability to be identified by human readers quickly.


Sometimes, an image only has low resolutions that can make it hard for others to read. To counter this, Georgia was originally developed to deal with this particular issue.

As time went on, Georgia maintained its identity for easy to read in any resolutions and because of its grace, the aura of friendliness and elegance for everyone.

Because of that, Georgia is also immensely identifiable in all kinds of different mediums as well. It makes Georgia a sensible choice for making your presentation identifiable to everyone, not to mention its sense of formality that matches the formal atmosphere of presentations.


Despite its age (having been used since 1950), Palatino still holds up as being one of the most widely used fonts in the world because of its functionality and level of clarity.

Palatino is arguably strong proof that a classic font such as this one can still be relevant to modern times and even be modernized when the situation demands it.

Palatino is distinguishable for the readers for professional or casual uses because of its capability of balancing its color intensity with the outlying spaces, which contributes to its eye-catching quality.


The virtues of modern-looking fonts are the novelty and wide array of potentials, which can be immediately seen in Helvetica.

For many people, Helvetica strikes the “just right” point where it is immediately identifiable without looking too common, formal without being inflexible, and casual without being too comical.

Not to mention, Helvetica is now also present with its latest forms, which caters to the younger audiences that emphasize eye-grabbing appearance while staying formal at the same time.


The last but not least in this list is Garamond. With a large variety in its styles like Adobe Garamond, Garamond ITC, and Monotype Garamond, Garamond is suitable if you want to make a casual or professional presentation.

Having sharp and clean looks also contributes to Garamond’s eye-grabbing characteristic, making it popular for presentation makers who want their presentations to be easily readable by everyone.


Because of their qualities and characteristics, you can choose which font you will use based on your tastes and your needs. Are you currently looking for fonts that you want to use for your business needs? We at Pollux of Geminorum can offer you modern and slick-looking fonts for different projects. Contact us for more information!

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