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5 Eye-Catching Display Font for New Websites

The Internet for business has become an inseparable part of our lives. The internet dramatically influences the way people do business nowadays. Thus, using a website to promote, market, conduct transactions, and serve customers plays a crucial role. 

Aside from social media, a website is the best media to connect with your customers. In a more excellent picture, the website serves as the frontline for your online presence, putting it in a vital role for branding your business in the long run.

The Importance of Display Font for Websites

Display Font
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Fonts on web pages are essential to creating a good impression for visitors. Therefore, selecting the right display font for a website is not always that simple. 

Display font is the stylized font or specially modified font for creating aesthetically pleasing views without sacrificing readability. This font is typically used for titles and headlines that need to display the “character” of a specific message, and sometimes it is also used for small amounts of text that need to be visible and attract attention. This font gives a unique impression, originality, and flexibility.

5 Eye-Catching Display Fonts for Website

Display Font
Source : Fastwork

There are millions of display font styles you can pick out there. That being said, these five fonts are good places to start:

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Proxima Nova

Proxima Nova was released in 2005 by Mark Simonson. This font combines Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk fonts to give a modern feel with a geometric touch. Graphic designers usually use this type of font on the news portal website. The appearance of each letter is both minimalist and modern, fitting well for various screen resolutions, be it a smartphone or desktop device.


Julieta Ulanovsky designed this font. The font was inspired by old posters around Julieta Ulanovsky’s home in Montserrat, Buenos Aries, Argentina. Montserrat is one of the most popular fonts used by UI designers. You can use it to create a variety of projects. Montserrat font is prevalent in many modern websites and applications. It is also easy to combine with other typefaces fonts, including Open Sans, Gill Sans, Source Sans Pro, and Lora.


This perpendicular-shaped font has a complex look that feels more contemporary than many of the other fonts mentioned in this article. If you are looking for a bold font with a modern look, this should work well for both headings and body text (paragraphs).

Courier New

This font is an alternative to the Courier font. Courier New is a slimmer and more aesthetically pleasing version of the regular courier. For this reason, many electronic devices used Courier New as its standard font. That being said, since it’s also a typewriter font, Courier New will look great on websites that require an old-school design and vintage look.


Optima is inspired by Roman Capital letters. The style fits great with a variety of things, from road markings to beauty product logos. It is both elegant and easy to read, which is good to make your content stand out without disturbing its readability.

Final Words

Aside from those five fonts, we encourage you to experiment with lots of display font out there until finding the one that fit your need best. While changing the font in CMS is relatively easy, you might want to avoid changing it too often, or your regular visitor might find it annoying.

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