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The 5 Identifiable Design Traits of Great Company Logos

In the field of the creative industry, there is no such thing as a definite rule on what constitutes a “great” logo. However, popular company logos you see every day have in common that makes the designs are considered powerful to the extent that people can identify them in a matter of seconds. And here are the traits present in those well-known logos.


Company Logos
Source : Villa 30 Studio

An effective logo should be able to stand the test of time. Will the logo remain relevant in 10 or even 50 years to come? It’s safe to say that the best example of a great logo that conforms to this trait is the logo of the well-known soft drink company Coca-Cola. 

Compared to its counterpart, Coca-Cola hasn’t changed its geometric sans-serif typeface since 1885. That is precisely what defines a timeless design. Such an effective design can be attained by avoiding fleeting trends and instead opting for a timeless style.


Company Logos
Source : Pinterest

Great company logos implement one visual element that is more dominant than the others. This prominent component becomes the focal point of the logo design, although this may appear imbalanced. 

For instance, the McDonald’s logo, its letter “M” appears in a distinctive shape that becomes the point of attention in the design. While the letter stands out more than the other elements,  the rest of the composition remains aligned.

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Company Logos
Source : Behance

High-end clothing labels adorn their products with their logo; thus, it requires a versatile design that can work across any medium. Apart from this, the logo should be highly functional. As a result, it’s advised for the logo to be saved in vector format so that it can be scaled to various sizes.

The logo designers of giant corporations have one rule of thumb regarding this case. It is that a logo should be adaptable in any color. It means it must appear well in both black and white and without any additional special effects.


Company Logos
Source : Magetop

All the well-known company logos available today are undoubtedly easy to recognize. Some may argue that people identify them at a glance because they see them all the time. However, it’s also highly possible that those logos are memorable because of their original design.

A logo can be regarded as an effective one when it requires a little effort to recognize it. A logo that people will remember at first glance can be achieved by designing a simple yet original logo.


Company Logos
Source : Logos World

Think of all the popular logos you remember: Apple, Nike, and Google are some at the top of the list. The three share one thing in common that also becomes the most significant trait of what constitutes an effective logo: simplicity. 

A simple logo is a great logo. It’s what allows the logo to be memorable and adaptable. Compelling logos always feature something distinctive to offer without being overdesign. Simple logos are also the most effective ones in conveying the messages of the brand to the audience.

Final Thoughts

All great company logos have the five traits above. These essential features are there to assist you in the process of your logo design. Should you require one or two fonts to fit one of the listed traits above, don’t hesitate to consider Pollux of Geminorum as the source of your logo design requirements.

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