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Display Font

6 Considerations in Choosing Display Font for Your Illustrations


Display Font
Source : Volusion

Graphic designers in businesses are commonly assigned to create illustration projects used for their business’ marketing schemes. These designs usually rely on typography in the form of display font, a font used specifically to display the business’ logo and sentences that embody the business’ image. We usually see this kind of font on logos, sentences on posters, quotes, and similar visual imageries that are used to display certain information to the viewers. Companies such as Google, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter use their respective display typefaces to display their business’ icon and brand.

Considerations about Display Font

For that reason, if you happen to be an illustrator, you need to know what to do with a display font when making a design project. Here are some considerations and tips about the font for you!

Demographic target

Companies need to define their demographic target at all times to prevent missteps in marketing their products and services. For example, a company that sells childcare products needs to have a logo that is friendly for parents with children, so the company needs to choose a font that looks friendly and communicable to the parents.

The set tone

Similar to the point above, the display typeface needs to be in sync with the customers’ moods and feelings. Using a suitable font will make the customers think that they can buy products and use services from a company that they can trust. Because of that, companies that work in different sectors need to have suitable fonts in their typefaces to prevent miscommunication.

Comfort when being seen

A good illustration is an illustration that makes people can enjoy seeing it for some time. Such quality can come from the good-looking colors, fonts, shapes, and so on. Using a font that synergizes greatly with other elements in an illustration will work wonders in making people feel comfortable when seeing them.

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Companion text face

Sometimes, font combinations can work greatly in making an illustration look even better. The combinations are like Expletus Sans and Hind, IBM Plex Serif and IBM Plex Sans, and others. These fonts have similar aesthetics, so you need to choose fonts that look similar to your primary display typeface.


The number one rule of all texts is all of them need to be readable! Because of that, even if the font used in the illustration is in a large size, it is meaningless if the font’s shape is too difficult to read, which results in the logo being indecipherable.

Always keep up with social media trends

Illustrators need to pay attention to the current trends of graphic design in social media. From social media, illustrators can find information about the most popular fonts used by companies in recent times. In turn, the illustrators can learn from these trends and apply them to their new designs.


Now, we have read some tips and considerations that you need to know when choosing a display font for your illustration designs. Looking for fonts that can beautify them? Visit Pollux of Geminorum’s shop to find awesomely designed fonts by professionals!

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