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6 Design Software Choices for Illustration Purposes


Every day, illustrators use design software programs of their choice to work on their projects. They choose these programs based on what they need for their projects and how these programs’ features will help them during work—because of that, choosing the most suitable software is a skill all illustrators should have. Since these illustrators need to work on certain illustrations that may require certain requirements, they should choose programs that suit their needs.

Design Software Choices for Illustrators

Design Software
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Want to know some recommended design software choices from us? Here’s the list below!

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe products are some of the most famous IT products out there, especially for illustration purposes. In this regard, Adobe Photoshop is arguably the most famous example of all programs mentioned in this list.

From making banners to brand logos, Photoshop has repeatedly proven to be one of the most versatile designer programs in its field. Apart from editing photos, you can do so many other things in this program, contributing to its longevity.

Adobe Illustrator

The second offer from Adobe is Adobe Illustrator; a designer program focused on vector designs. Being a highly customizable program, this program is the main workhorse for many illustrators who work on different daily projects.

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For its qualities, Illustrator is now widely used in so many creative and non-creative industries because of its features. You can experiment with vector shapes and illustration tools in this program to fully bring the program’s true potentials.

Adobe InDesign

It is the choice for you if you’re working as an illustrator in publishing ventures. Info sheets, brochures, and magazines can be designed thoroughly in this program with abundant features.

Being an industry-standard program, you should use this program if you work as a publisher. As publications demand eye-catching designs to catch people’s attention, using InDesign expertly is a surefire way to success.

CorelDRAW Graphics

Similar to Photoshop’s popular reputation is CorelDRAW Graphics, a well-renowned designer program. Even now, this program is outfitted with AI features to help you create precise curves for your designs.

Furthermore, the program can convert your work into more than 100 formats such as AutoCAD, JPG, and many others, which makes using this program highly desirable for beginner and seasoned illustrators.


Not only is this program free of cost, but it is also highly accessible for all illustrators. As a designer program released in platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS, GIMP can stand evenly with Photoshop’s features for free.

Because of its flexibility in making illustrations and having regular updates, illustrators keep using GIMP over the years, despite the existence of equally proven programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


Free of cost, much like GIMP above, Inkscape is renowned for its multipurpose features, like Adobe’s applications. For that reason, Inkscape is popular as an alternative to Illustrator alongside GIMP.

By having regular updates and free of any financial cost, illustrators who want to try alternatives other than Adobe can immediately immerse themselves in this program due to its similar operations to Adobe’s programs.


Knowing which design software programs can be used for illustration purposes makes illustrations easier than before. Want to find some fonts to spice up your illustration? Check out our website and catalogue here!

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