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6 Display Font Psychology from Major Company Brands


Display Font
Source : Threerooms

Designing a logo for a business company can be quite a challenge. Even small-time businesses need a logo that is interesting, memorable, and easy to look at, much like the larger companies. In designing a logo, a certain display font is used to write down the company’s name and build the company’s brand identity. Take an example, Google, Coca-Cola, Nestle, and other large companies. All of them have distinctive display typefaces that are definitely memorable and eye-catching as a result of research and logo design from so many years. As a result, people can immediately identify the logos of any of these companies in an instant.

Psychology of Display Font

In making a successful business logo, you need to consider several psychological facts related to display typefaces that can contribute to the logo’s success. Here’s the psychology that you need to know!


In a time where businesses are fiercely competing with each other to attract the most amount of customers, they espouse the aesthetics of modernity to appeal to the younger generations. This kind of aesthetic makes people believe that the company is a state-of-the-art business capable of answering any business demands of the modern era.

Instantly distinguishable

From years of habituation, people can immediately identify logos from famous companies like Google, Nestle, Apple, and others. All of them rely on display typefaces that are memorable and distinguishable, as well as choices of colors, which made these typefaces even easier to remember.


Let’s admit it: people like seeing beautiful things. Because of that, you need to choose the most attractive font that aligns with your business’s overall image. Both logos that look “formal” and “non-formal” should definitely abide by this principle because if not, no one will be amazed or even remember your logo.

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For companies that have a carefree and “non-formal” attitude, choosing display typefaces that emphasize cheerfulness and happy-go-lucky will work wonders in making people believe that the company is friendly to its customers.


Even for companies that aim for more “serious” customers, professionalism has to be upheld at all times. This is the case as well for companies from the previous point, as all of them need to have professional-looking display typefaces in their logos to show that they are all professionals in their respective sectors.

Knows its target demographics

By knowing exactly who you are selling your products to, you can choose a display font that you can use in your company’s logo. Renowned companies like Coca-Cola, for example, want to sell their products to the “trendy” and “modern” demographics, so they made a logo specifically designed to gain their interest. The result is that people from this demographic continue to be its loyal customers.


These are some interesting display font psychology facts from major company brands that have contributed to their enduring business success. Are you looking for fonts that can make your company’s logo more representative? Visit Pollux of Geminorum’s shop to get professionally-designed fonts for your company’s design projects!

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