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Insta Font

6 Reliable Insta Font Tips for Your Online Business’ IG Promotion


Insta Font
Source : Search Engine Journal

Using Instagram these days for doing so many kinds of activities is pretty much the norm nowadays. It feels as if anything and everything can be assisted by Instagram in some ways. This is especially true for online businesses that rely on social media to promote and sell their products. By using pictures with the best quality, attractive insta font and IG filter, and convincing words, these businesses can attract customers from anywhere and anytime.

Insta Font Tips

If you happen to be the owner of an online business, here are some tips about insta font that you can use to make the best IG story for your business promotion. Let’s read the detailed explanation below!

Decide on your signature brand’s font

The first thing that businesses need to do when doing their business marketing scheme is to have a clear and definitive brand image. The reason is so that potential customers can be immediately attracted by your brand’s uniqueness. Not only in terms of imagery, should the font that you choose also be representative of your business’ message and identity.

Make a matching solid IG story background

After choosing the font for your IG story, time to make a matching story background! The background template needs to have a matching color with your font so that both the font and the background template’s color will not conflict with each other.

Match your picture’s background color with your font’s color

Not only should your background color conflict with the font’s shapes, but the font’s color also needs to have a synergy with the background color as well! While the shape of a font may originally be synergistic with the background color, it is possible that the synergy is ruined if you choose the wrong color for the font, so be careful.

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Use several fonts in a single story

A lively IG story works wonders in attracting customers. For that reason, consider using several different fonts in a single story, preferably in each different sentence! However, be sure to use fonts that are compatible with each other so that these fonts won’t look like sore thumbs in your story.

Make your hashtags visible

A hashtag is a key to spreading awareness about something, with online products being an example. Make sure hashtags about your products are clearly visible and clickable in the story so that people are more inclined to be curious about your products as a whole.

Use ombre effect!

The Ombre effect is basically the rainbow effect on Instagram. While using the effect can be quite challenging for your thumbs if it works, your story’s texts can look really colorful and dazzling, thus increasing your customer’s awe towards your marketing schemes.


In the end, using a suitable insta font for your IG story is the key to making your business’ marketing scheme works better than ever before. Now, are you looking for fonts that you can use for your business’ overall identity? Consider visiting Pollux of Geminorum’s shop for awesomely designed fonts that can spice up your business’ brand image!

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