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6 Tablet Recommendations for Graphics Hardware Design Illustrators


Some illustrators can be demanded to work on their hardware design projects anywhere, regardless of time and location. This kind of flexible work culture enables the rise of laptops and tablets as alternatives for illustrators to work on their design projects without relying on office desktops. Furthermore, this causes IT companies to develop more practical, easy to use, faster, and more reliable laptops and tablets for this demographic of customers. As a result, illustrators can now use tablets and laptops to work on design projects that they can do anywhere and anytime.

Laptop Choices for Graphics Hardware Design

Hardware Design
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Without further ado, here are some tablet choices that can help your hardware design projects better than before!

Microsoft Surface Book 2

Versatility is the main essence of using tablets for work, evident in Microsoft Surface Book 2. Defined as a laptop and a tablet simultaneously, this tablet combines a lightweight design, 13.5 or 15-inch touch screen, 1.9 GHz processor, and 16GB of RAM that can support your illustrations’ work process from start to finish.

Apple iPad Pro

Apple not only consistently proves itself in laptops but also in tablets as well. Designed specifically as a work tablet, Apple iPad Pro is powered by a reliable processor that makes it possible for you to multitask in this tablet. Moreover, its 64GB to 1TB disk storage makes it possible to store different design projects.

Microsoft Surface GO

Not stopping in Surface Book 2, Microsoft releases Surface GO, now equipped with a 10-inch screen. Equipped with a 1.6GHz Intel Pentium Gold processor, 64GB to 128GB storage, and PixelSense technology, Surface GO can be a definitive choice for you if you need a reliable alternative to Surface Book 2, as seen above.

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Wacom Cintiq 13 HD

It is no secret that illustrators highly seek Wacom’s products because of their renown in creating reliable and proven designer devices. Specifically designed as a graphic design tablet, Cintiq 13 HD is dubbed one of the market’s best tablets. A combination of a 13-inch LED screen, higher sensitivity to color plotting, and compatibility with Windows and Mac make it continuously popular.

Wacom Cintiq 16

If you want something newer than Cintiq 13 HD, then Cintiq 16 will answer your need. Its higher resolution of 4K makes it possible to work on more complex design projects that strain other tablet models. Although slightly heavier than other tablets, Cintiq 16 remains a solid choice for you who favor Wacom’s products for making graphic design projects.


Being wireless is a blessing for anyone who works in different places every day, and this can be seen in the INSPIROY Q11K tablet model. A combination of ergonomic design, 11 x 6.8-inch screen, eight shortcut buttons, and a relative lack of access to cables makes it more comfortable for illustrators to work without any obstructions. However, you can still connect this tablet to a USB.


Since there are many choices of tablets out there, you are free to choose any tablet that suits your hardware design projects. Now, do you happen to be looking for fonts for your designs? Visit our website and catalogue here for more info!

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