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Animation Design

7 Font Choices to Spice up Your Animation Design


If you take a close look at famous animated series titles out there, you may realize that all of them have distinctive fonts they used to make animation design styles. Because of their unique designs, people can immediately recognize these series even by only taking a short glance at their font styles. For that reason, people use fonts from these series’ styles to make their works more eye-catching and recognizable to the audience. This is also true if you’re an illustrator or animator, when using certain stylish fonts can help the audience immediately recognize the unique features of your works.

Font Choices for Your Animation Design

Animation Design
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Now then, we’ve prepared some choices of fonts you can use for your animation design works. Here it is!

Wicked Mouse

At some point, everyone is surely familiar with the Mickey Mouse animated series from the first half of the 20th century that uses this font style. Despite its blocky looks, the font itself is immediately recognizable because of its light-hearted feel that invokes the sense of nostalgia about the past, which is suitable if this is the art direction you’re looking for.

Multicolore Animated

An animation should be colorful so that people from all ages can enjoy it. That is why you should use Multicolore Animated, an animated font commonly used for colorful and eye-catching animations. Its combination of red, orange, yellow, and purple colors is something that can definitely spice up your animation works in no time.


Yet another font that invokes a sense of nostalgia is NEON, a font that uses neon lights style to great effect. By using this font, you can make your animation feel classic and retro-like in its presentation. Moreover, your animation can look flashier and prettier than ever before thanks to NEON’s beautifully-presented lights.

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If you want to make an animation that tells a science fiction or related story, Voyager is the choice for you. This firm and clean-looking font will help your animation look more bold, which helps your animation to be more presentative. The font can also make your animation’s style look like famous science fiction films out there.

Animography Enigma

Do you want to make your animation look like 80s old school video games? Then this font is the right choice for you! Equipped with a JSX typeface, this font can look very clean and visible to the audience. Even further, despite its seemingly old choice of style, the font doesn’t look at all since it can combine the appearance of the past and the present.

Helvetica Neue

Contrary to popular opinion, Helvetica fonts are actually suitable for animation purposes as well. Although not as evident as other fonts, the Helvetica font that you can use for animation is Helvetica Neue. Its clean-looking style is perfect if you want to make animation more formal than the usual ones.

Angry Birds

Hailing from its internet sensation in the first half of the 2010s decade, Angry Birds persists as one of the most recognizable games and movies in recent memories. This is translated well into font styles too, as Angry Birds’ stylish curves are something that you can use if you want to make a bright-looking animation.


With many font choices out there to spice up your animation design, now you can make animation videos that are eye-catching and immediately recognizable to everyone. Looking for more font choices that you can use for your works? Take a look at our website and catalogue right here!

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