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Royal Font

8 Awesome Royal Font Selections to Beautify Your Designs


Royal Font
Source : Adobe

Basically speaking, royal font is a type of font that relies on the aesthetics of past royalties as its primary font shape. This is evident in the font’s outline shapes that embody the luxurious and classy looks of society’s upper class. Thus, anytime you see one of these kinds of font, you will have this opinion in mind that anyone who uses this font wants their creation or design to look classy and royal, much like the font’s namesake.

Royal Font Selections

If you are an illustrator looking for some royal font choices for your design projects, we’ve got some selections of these fonts for you. Let’s find out about them below!


Designed personally by the designers in Pollux of Geminorum, Farenheat is a decisively luxurious font for your design projects. With a combination of royalty-like aesthetics with modern twists, Farenheat will not only work for posters but also for logos and wedding invitations that demand attractiveness to be mesmerizing for the onlookers.


Despite the font being a serif font, Kenfolg doesn’t come off as overly formal. In fact, the font flawlessly combines the luxurious feel typical of this font with the sense of boldness commonly found in serif fonts. Because of that, the font is suitable for magazines, quotes, and others.


Elegant and charming, Luxuriougenics is a definitive choice for those who are currently designing wedding invitations. This choice from Pollux of Geminorum is a go-to choice for anyone who is in the mood for a font with a handwriting touch.

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The Melodious font, at first glance, will remind you of musical touches in graphic designs. With such quality of elegance and glamor, Melodious is a definitive choice for designers who want to put some musical aesthetics into their designs with a modern twist.

Hotel Royal

The 20th century was remembered as one of the classical modern eras, and its aesthetics is definitely evident in Hotel Royal. With a style that reminds viewers of the first half of the century, the font is suitable for designers who want to evoke nostalgia of those decades.

Royale Luxurious

Looking bold and dazzling, Royale Luxurious really lives up to its namesake in terms of aesthetics and quality. As such, the font is highly versatile and capable of being adapted into any size lettering by its designers.


If you want something that borders between the formality and elegance of royal typeface, then Finnmark is your go-to choice. Formal without being too strict while retaining its elegance, the font hits a sweet spot between the two styles of aesthetics.

Baltimore Royale

Yet another definitive choice from Pollux of Geminorum is Baltimore Royale, an elegant font with a modern twist to captivate the younger generations. Easy to read either in print or on the screen, the font definitely works from being used in wedding invitations to advertisements.


With these selections of royal font, suddenly choosing these fonts for your graphic designs has never been easier. Are you looking for other types of fonts as well! Visit Pollux of Geminorum’s shop here and find other amazing font products by its designers!

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