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Illustration Designs

8 Free Fonts Illustrators Use for Their Illustration Designs


Illustration Designs
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Choosing a correct font for your illustration designs can be quite a challenge sometimes. Although there are many choices of great fonts out there, oftentimes, these fonts are not free and you must pay a certain amount of money to get them. For some illustrators, this can be a nightmare since these fonts are locked behind paywall schemes that they cannot pay. Fortunately, the number of free fonts available today can greatly help illustrators who do not have enough funds to pay for expensive fonts.

Free Fonts for Illustration Designs

Illustration Designs
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Now, what are some free fonts out there that illustrators use because of their free price and renowned qualities? We’ve got some recommendations for you in the list below!


The first free font we’d like to share is Astarin. In a glance, the font might remind you of fonts used for film posters and restaurant logos. With its firm, classy, and well-rounded aesthetics, you can make graphic designs that use this classy font without spending any money.


Classic fonts are called classics because of their long-enduring qualities. This is true in Cardone, a free font available for Adobe Illustrator you can use for formal purposes or for less formal instances when you can combine the font with other artistic elements.


Do you want to appeal to millennials who prefer aesthetics? Then, Chalsyn is suitable for you! This font fits the sunny and bright atmosphere style that many millennials like. Consider using this font immediately if you want more millennials drawn with your designs!

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Honey Llama

This font gives off a light-hearted and free-spirited aura for your graphic designs. Because of its aesthetics, the font is suitable if you want to make graphic designs that convey the feel of good times and relaxation with your friends.

Brisk Pro

Should you look for a professional-looking font, Brisk Pro is the choice for you. Professional and modern-looking at the same time, Brisk Pro can be used for formal occasions and other design projects that are less formal than the former.

Less Sans

Some free fonts present themselves as minimalist fonts, and Less Sans is one of them. Developed based on the principles of a geometric grid, this font is suitable for texts in graphic designs made in Adobe Illustrator.


This millennials-friendly font is suitable if you want some less formal graphic designs for different purposes. Its contemporary and light-hearted aesthetics will fit your graphic designs and your artistic visions greatly.


The last font in this list is Pristine, a calligraphy-derived font that emphasizes modernity and contemporary feel into your designs. This font can attract the attention of many millennials who are drawn into the current trends.


With these free fonts, making illustration designs should no longer be difficult because you’re having a hard time finding free fonts that can spice up your graphic designs. However, you should also purchase fonts legally when the time comes to support the fonts’ original typographers as a form of credit. If you want some professionally well-made fonts, check up our website and catalogue here for your needs!

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