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8 Gorgeous Fonts to Make Your Illustration Prettier


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Looking for the best kind of fonts to make eye-catching illustration works can be quite a task for illustrators. The fonts themselves shouldn’t just be pretty-looking, but they also have to fit the designs’ overall theme and aesthetics, so merely choosing good-looking fonts is not enough for illustrators. However, as illustrators get better with their skills, they also learn how to choose fonts that can beautify their designs even more.

Font Choices for Your Illustration Designs

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Now, if you happen to be an illustrator, we would like to share some fonts that can help your design to be more eye-catching and artistic than before!


The first font that we’d like to show is Cutepunk, a font that resembles a person’s own handwriting style. The cute and gentle-looking aesthetics in this font will make your design more appealing to millennials who prefer aesthetic styles that resemble their preferences. 


If you want something that looks well-rounded and firm yet stylish, you may opt for this font for your designs. Its curved edges have won many people who are astonished with its firm-looking and stylish edges that can make their designs more appealing.


There is a certain charm in calligraphy-derived fonts, and that is no exception as well in this font. With its smooth edges, this font is highly suitable for numerous graphic designs starting from posters to branding purposes.

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Since its inception, serif fonts remain some of the most used fonts until today as serif fonts keep on modernizing their designs. In this regard, Kiano presents itself as a modern serif font that emphasizes shapes of round characters to make the font look simple and stylish at the same time.

Libre Baskerville

Should you need a font that looks classy, Libre Baskerville might be the choice for you. As a web font inspired from the 20th century Baskerville font, this font can be used in graphic designs that place the font as a display font to make reading the design easier.


Something that looks gorgeous can come off as funny and playful-looking at the same time! If you want these qualities in a font, Plum is here with its simplistic and playful aesthetics that make the font appealing for light-hearted graphic designs.


Another calligraphy and handwriting-derived font in our list is Christopher, an oblique font that can make your graphic designs more bold-looking and stylish. This font is suitable if you want to use your designs for posters, branding, and similar purposes.


In a glance, Colus font’s style is inspired by carved inscriptions in stone and wooden carvings, and it is indeed the case. For that reason, the font looks gorgeous while emphasizing an aura of maturity in its design, which is perfect if you want your designs to look more mature than usual.


With an abundance of usable fonts out there, making your illustration designs can be easier and prettier since now you know what kind of fonts you should use. Are you curious about other fonts that you can use as well? Check out our website and catalogue here for more fonts!

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