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Muslim Font

3 Things You Can Do with Empire of Persia As A Muslim Font

Empire of Persia is just one of the fantastic Muslim font ideas. This font is very much applicable, whether it is for Ramazan, Eid Mubarak, or other Islamic or Middle-Eastern themed events. Inspired by the beautiful Arabic calligraphy, you get to create a unique caption. The Features in Empire of Persia Font: So, what can …

Muslim Font

3 Reasons Mujahideen Is A Muslim Font For All Islamic Events

The font is the key, whether it is related to Ramazan, Eid Mubarak, or anything like that. In order to get people interested in attending your Islamic events, the promotions have to be catchy. Not only in the caption, but it is also all about the right Muslim font. For the record, Mujahideen is one …