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Muslim Font

3 Reasons Mujahideen Is A Muslim Font For All Islamic Events

The font is the key, whether it is related to Ramazan, Eid Mubarak, or anything like that. In order to get people interested in attending your Islamic events, the promotions have to be catchy. Not only in the caption, but it is also all about the right Muslim font.

For the record, Mujahideen is one of the fonts for that. For all Islamic events, you can never go wrong with this font. It only takes one look, and people simply figure it out. Still, what makes Mujahideen a Muslim font for all Islamic events?

The Origin of The Name

Muslim Font
Source : Pollux of Geminorum

Yes, the word mujahid or mujahideen has been falsely misunderstood for a long time. The term alone broadly refers to Islamic guerillas engaging in jihad. Some people even refer to them as jihadists – a combo of Arabic and English words as one. Jihad itself means the fight on behalf of God, the religion, and the community, mainly where Muslims exist.

For example, suppose a community of Muslims is under attack by anyone who dislikes them or feels threatened by their existence. In that case, the Mujahideen are on the rise to defend and protect them. The term is very noble. In other words, Mujahideen are actually the protectors instead of fighters or defenders.

Reasons Mujahideen Is A Suitable Font for All Islamic Events

Muslim Font
Source : Pollux of Geminorum

However, we are not going to talk about that. It is just the origin of the word. We will learn why Mujahideen makes an applicable Muslim font for all Islamic events, whether it is Ramazan or Eid Mubarak.

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Here are the reasons why:

  • The font itself is already the signature style.

Inspired by beautiful Arabic calligraphy, Mujahideen shows a very distinctive style in a font. At first glance, the font looks almost like the original Arabic letters from a distance. Even the dots are in the right places, and it seems convincing. The curves and swashes are also very smooth-looking.

  • The font is thick but still with appropriate gaps between letters.

The font is thick, so it is very much visible even from a distance. You get to combine any colors you prefer, although green is probably the most chosen one for Islamic events. Still, the thickness does not make the font unreadable. This is because of the appropriate gaps in between letters. That way, you can still make out the writing without too much trouble.

  • It is still readable despite the curves and the thickness of the font.

Mujahideen is still a clearly readable font despite its curves and thickness. You can adjust the size and the shade to make that possible. Because of this font, you get two things at once: Arabic-style writing on your digital art projects and an outstanding caption that many people can still read.

Indeed, there are many other reasons why Mujahideen makes a perfect Muslim font for your Islamic events. These days, we all need to preserve the distinctions of our identity. With this font, people will quickly recognize that your circumstances are related to Islamic teachings and culture. Check this out on Pollux of Geminorum.

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