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Motivational Quotes

An Intro to Inspiring Motivational Quotes

A good motivating quote should be able to lift the audience’s spirit. It should be able to change their mood for the better. When posting motivational quotes on your social media account or blog, you want others to be affected positively. This is definitely not an easy feat to achieve. How can you make them inspiring?

What Makes Quotes Inspiring?

Motivational Quotes
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Quotes are considered inspirational if people can relate to them easily. However, when you’re posting them on your page, achieving positive reception isn’t only about the words. You need to make the whole design interesting enough, so they’re decipherable and engaging. Follow these tips to make inspiring quotes:

  • Opt for simple words instead of the more complicated ones.
  • Be concise, as people will only spare a few seconds to read the post.
  • Read aloud the quote to get a feeling of how it sounds.
  • Choose an accompanying photograph or graphic design.
  • Use the perfect font to show the quotes.

3 Great Fonts for Motivational Quotes 

As stated, you need a great font that will make your quotes even more inspiring. The font will convey the emotion that you intend to show. There are many fonts that suit this purpose, but these three are among the top choices:

  • Michelle Kristin

Motivational Quotes
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This typeface exudes grace that you will usually see in old letters. Both the uppercase and lowercase letters have their own charms. The curve is definitely the focal point of each letter, but it doesn’t overwhelm you and make it hard to read. The package consists of all characters, numbers, symbols, and ligatures.

  • Sociogram

Motivational Quotes
Source : Pollux of Geminorum

If you want to post your quotes on your social media, Sociogram is the font choice that you should make. You can choose between the calligraphy and handwriting styles. This font looks modern and thus suits the younger generation. In the package, you will find graphic elements and some template quotes.

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  • Yes, I Do

Motivational Quotes
Source : Pollux of Geminorum

Just like the name suggests, this font is often used for celebratory events like weddings. It looks regal, and you can sense the romantic undertone. The font looks dynamic because you can see the difference in the stroke thickness. It supports all Latin languages and is also PUA encoded for your convenience.

Utilizing Fonts to Maximize Impact

Choosing one good font for your motivational quotes isn’t enough. You also need to know how to utilize it for maximum results.  When you don’t make good design choices, your gorgeous font might be wasted. Here are some tips that you can apply for your quote design:

  • Use, at most, two font variations to avoid overstimulating the audience.
  • Choose the right size of the font to fill the available space.
  • Select a suitable color for the font to increase the font’s visibility.
  • Divide the quote into (at most) four lines.

Those strategies are then combined with the beautiful and inspiring words you’ve come up with. The impact of those quotes will be higher on the audience. In the end, you will see more engagement from people.

In creating motivational quotes, you should never ignore the power of your font choice. The font can either make or break your design. It’s important to be mindful of the design choices you make, including the font.

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