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7 Beautiful Calligraphy Fonts Perfect for Wedding Invitations

A wedding is an extremely personal occasion; therefore, personalizing the theme will make it even more special. Adding unique wedding fonts is one of the ways that you can do to personalize and spice up your wedding theme. There are a lot of styles and types to choose from, but usually, calligraphy letters are the perfect choice for this special occasion.

This type of letter resembles elegant handwriting. Usually, it can look as if the letters are being written using brushes or a flat-tipped pen. These give the letter that classic and elegant look, which is perfect for a wedding theme. 

In this article, we’re going to show you seven beautiful calligraphy fonts that will inspire you for your wedding invitation.

Source : Dreams Time
  • The Wedding Script

Like its name suggests, this font is perfect for a wedding invitation with its beautiful calligraphic style. This set also contains 44 fonts in 26 typefaces along with luxurious alternates and swashes that will give you wider variation to use. 

  • The Glisten Script

The next recommendation is this elegant calligraphic script that looks beautiful with its swashes. It comes in bold, which enhances its elegance. It is easy to read, so people receiving the invitation will not have a hard time reading it.

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  • Luxuriogenics

The name of these letters perfectly describing the elegance and luxurious vibes it offers. It is a beautiful calligraphic typeface with Open Type features. Therefore, you will have various style options that you can access to edit, tweak, or personalize the writings to suit your wedding theme and style.

  • Richard Benoitt

Richard Benoitt offers unique letters in modern brush style. The beautiful stroke and swashes make the letters perfect for a classy invitation design. It also supports multilingual letters, making it versatile and easy to use for various purposes, including a beautiful wedding invitation.

  • Meraviglias

Meraviglias comes with beautiful thinner lines, perfect for logo, headlines, and even wedding invitations. The thin lines enhance femininity, beauty, and elegance. It also offers a modern look to your design.

  • Bryan Letter

Another great recommendation for a wedding invitation is this Bryan Letter, a simple yet beautiful hand-lettered script. Despite its simpler looks than other recommendations mentioned in this article, this typeface offers modern and elegant vibes to your design. This is the perfect option if you don’t want to use fonts with too many accents. 

  • Almada

Last but not least is this Almada typeface that offers beautiful styles for various purposes. This set offers a lot of options for beginnings, endings, alternates, as well as ligatures, which will make it easier for you to mix and match and design the wedding invitation that you like.

These are seven recommendations of calligraphic fonts you can use as your inspiration in designing a beautiful wedding invitation. It may take some time to finally find the best theme and letters to choose from, especially for a special occasion like a wedding. 

You may need to try a lot of typefaces and styles before finally finding the right one. However, you can always browse through great font websites such as Pollux of Geminorum to find the best font for your design.

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