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Sci Fi Font

Choosing Sci Fi Font for Movie Poster Design

Since its creation in the 1920s, “science fiction” has been as popular today as it was over a century ago; From classics like Alien, The X Files, and Star Wars to modern sci-fi movies such as I Am Legend, Interstellar, and TENET. The sci-fi genre is as vast as the multiverse it ponders, spanning alien invasions, time travel, post-apocalyptic deserts, and hi-tech and robotic.

Wondering how to create a sci-fi vibe in a movie poster, including selecting a sci fi font? Consider this your supreme guide for learning the complexities of movie poster design.

Sci Fi Font
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The Standard Size for Movie Poster

While there are standard sizes for printed posters used for theaters and advertising in some public spots, movie posters come in all sizes and dimensions. However, keep the following commonly used sizes in mind:

  • One-Sheet: the standard size (27 by 40 inches) used in theaters.
  • 40 by 60 inches (2:3 aspect ratio): the typical size for ads movie posters at bus and subway stops.
  • Architectural D (24 by 36 inches): movie posters sold to customers by the retailers.

When creating one for online distribution, you must research the specific dimensions used by websites and social media platforms. For instance, if you’re going to make a portrait version of Architectural D of your design, you’ll need your poster to be adaptable to a landscape orientation or condensed to a smaller size for online viewing.

What Most Movie Posters Design Have in Common?

On a functional level, all movie posters typically include the stars, title, director, and release date-sometimes review quotes or slogans. Attractive colors, typography, and graphics help deliver a static, cinematic experience.

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You can be as creative as you want as long as the poster contains most of the aforementioned functional elements. Ridley Scott’s 1979 Alien poster in an ultra-minimal sci fi font is one of the most successful movie poster designs.

What Do I Need to Create a Movie Poster?

Poster artists are increasingly using digital software. No specific program is proposed for creating movie posters. Raster programs, such as Affinity Photo and Adobe Photoshop, are best suited for photo-dominated layouts. Publishing software like Affinity Publisher and Adobe InDesign provides more balanced control over images and typography, making it easier for designers to create posters that can be resized to different pages.

The Outline Features of the Sci-Fi Movie Poster

Sci-fi is one of the most definable poster design genres, often set in a terrestrial future or space. All alternatives are a planet or space background, a mix of black and blue ink with a neon color palette, or robotic-themed graphics.

Ultra-minimal sci fi font can also lend an airy and subtle feel for titling a space-themed movie. Try different light effects to create atmospheric lighting that resembles the luminosity of stars or machinery.

Sci-fi fonts are designed to go with modern and futuristic concepts. We commonly see them in sci-fi movies, tech posters, and tech company websites. There are tons of sci-fi fonts available for download. However, most of them aren’t always of high quality. Readability is one of the issues you may have with most sci-fi fonts. Since readability is essential for creating a unique and ultra-modern look, we recommend you to look through our sci fi font collection now!

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