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Serif Fonts

Choosing the Right Font for Invitations by Its Type

Letters and fonts come in a variety of shapes and styles. Currently, there are millions of font types, both free and paid versions, that you can choose according to your needs. In this case, each can have different characteristics and meanings. Therefore, you must know the characteristics of each font style before deciding which one to use, both for commercial and non-commercial needs.

Font selection is essential because it can determine the tendency of the invitation to make invitations. For example, what font is suitable for formal invitations, wedding invitations, office invitations, to birthday events. To better understand this, here are some descriptions of the characteristics of the font types you can use for invitations.

Script Fonts

Serif Fonts
Source : Graphic Design Junction

Script fonts have a shape resembling handwriting. There is also something like a calligraphy style. This type of font is suitable for formal to semi-formal event invitations. The character of this font is more traditional, elegant, and classic. It is suitable for personal events to grand events invitations. In addition, without the need for any additional design ornaments, using this font, a simple design can look luxurious. This font is perfect for weddings, bridal showers, or birthday invitations.

Calligraphy Fonts

Serif Fonts
Source : Hubspot

Another font that you can choose for a formal to semi-formal event invitation is a calligraphy font. Its unique shape and gives a classic and luxurious impression, which is perfect for wedding invitations. There are now many choices of modern calligraphy fonts that you can adjust to your wedding concept. Also, not only invitations, but this font is also suitable for wedding decorations or souvenirs labels.

Serif Fonts

Serif Fonts
Source : Canva

Serif fonts are the oldest and most classic fonts. One of the most popular fonts of this type is Times New Roman. This font type has classy, literary, and high-end characters. In addition, this font is also known to have a good readability level. This font is perfect for corporate invitations, charity events, or seminars. Its classic and slightly stiff shape gives a formal and bright impression.

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Sans Serif Fonts

Serif Fonts
Source : Ui Freebis

Another font that is also well known for its good readability is Sans Serif. This type of font is often used in print and digital products, such as websites or e-books. Sans Serif has a strong character and gives a clean and modern impression. For the needs of the invitation, you can choose based on the font weights. Thick-line Sans Serif has a masculine and hardworking impression. Meanwhile, the thin-line version gives a glamorous and noble impression.

Those are some font types that you need to know before choosing a font for your event invitations. In essence, besides the style, when choosing a font, you also need to consider its level of readability. In other words, do not let aesthetic needs override the clarity of the information you want to convey.

You can also combine multiple fonts in one invitation sheet. However, to make it works, you also need to consider the rules of typography so that the fonts you mix can look beautiful and harmonize with the design style you want. 

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