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Considerations When Choosing Fonts for Your Animation Design


As an animator, there are a lot of things you should consider, from your animation design to fonts you’ll use in that animation. Especially the latter, you should consider this carefully since a font can make or break your animation. Why is it that way? The reason is even though you managed to make a convincing art style in your animation, the font used in your animation can create a false impression if it does not suit your overall animation’s aesthetics. So, in order to not make your fonts look out of place in your animation design, what can you do?

Considerations When Choosing Fonts

Animation Design
Source : UX Planet

To answer the question above, here are some things that you can think about first before choosing the final font style for your animation!

Understand your animation’s feel

The first thing to do when choosing a font is to understand the core theme and aesthetic of your animation. If you’re a typographer for an upcoming animation series, try to think about the essence and feel that your series is going to bring to the audience.

If your animation series is going to tell a story about sports, you should consider choosing or making a font that embodies the sense of competitiveness and thrill of sports. Even in other animation genres as well, you should do this as well to make sure you won’t make any mistakes.

Emphasize clarity

When choosing a font, you should choose a font that’s not only stylish but easy to read at the same time. Obsession in choosing a stylish font may end up in your audience not understanding the nuance your font is trying to convey.

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Many people are attracted to famous animation series because of the series’ clear font styles. For this reason, you should definitely choose a font that can clearly convey a certain atmosphere within your animation series.

Choose your demographics

Each demographic has different preferences, and you should be highly aware of this. Because of that, when making an animation work, you should understand your target demographic so that your work will definitely hit the mark.

An example of this point is you should choose goofy-looking fonts for animation works aimed at children. Progressively, you must choose certain fonts that appeal to different demographics in order to gain their attention to your animation.

Do not false represent

Related to the second point, one thing that you must remember is not to give a false representation of your work through the fonts you’ve chosen. You want people to immediately understand the theme of your animation based on your choice of fonts.

While some renowned animators can tweak this point due to their experience, you should avoid doing that if you don’t have the necessary prowess to twist things around. Because of that, you should stick to clearly representing your animation.


By thinking about these considerations before choosing fonts for your animation design, you can be more proficient in making your animation more well-rounded and cleanly made before it’s ready for publishing. Want to find more about fonts that you can use? Visit our website and catalogue here!

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