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Vintage Font

Cool Vintage Font for Movie Poster Ideas

Posters are one of the promotional media that we use most often. Usually, when we want to hold an event, we will make the best possible poster design to attract the attention of others. With a creative design and the right typography and font selection, a poster can be the best promotional medium.

One of the products that are most often promoted through posters is movies. In this case, the marketing team needs to create eye-catching posters so that their promotions can get more attention. If the film you are making happens to have a classic theme, here are some recommendations for vintage fonts for movie posters that you might try.


Vintage Font
Source : Pollux of Geminorum

If you want to create an impressive and powerful vintage-style poster, Shockerous can be a perfect choice. By using this font, you can create a classic, magical, and elegant poster style. Also, this font is perfect for a royal-themed movie poster as it gives off an elegant and glamorous touch. Using this font, you can create beautiful and eye-catching classic movie posters.

Freakshow Font

Vintage Font
Source : Dafont

If you are looking for a font with a classic cowboy era style, this Freakshow Font can be the right choice. Also, you can create posters with themes like old newspapers using this font. To make your movie poster more attractive, you can combine uppercase and lowercase. Thus, the writing style on your movie poster will be more varied.

Grandeven Typeface

Vintage Font
Source : Pollux of Geminorum

Are you looking for a The Great Gatsby-style font? Probably, Grandeven Typeface is what you’re looking for. With its retro vintage style, this font is perfect for those of you who want to create a classic and luxurious movie poster. In addition, you can combine uppercase and lowercase to give a more dynamic impression. Combine with classic-style lines and borders to get a more eye-catching result.

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Metro Retro NF Font

Vintage Font
Source : Fonts Me

The next vintage font that you can use for your movie poster is the Metro Retro NF Font. In a classic retro style, this font gives it an old-school and stylish vibe. In addition, this font is also suitable for those of you who want to show a classic style but still give a modern touch.

Rictor Barbossa

Vintage Font
Source : Pollux of Geminorum

If your movie is a pirate-themed or classic royal era, Rictor Barbossa might be a perfect choice. Its unique and elegant shape makes this font suitable for rustic and ancient styles. This font is perfect for you to combine with an old paper background to give a stunning vintage impression.

Those are some vintage fonts that you can choose for your movie poster, according to the theme. Make sure that the fonts and designs you choose match the theme of your movie to create the best possible design. With the right combination of design styles and unique fonts, your movie poster can be the center of attention. 

Furthermore, if you need more information about typography and fonts, you can visit Pollux of Geminorum. In addition to providing various information, here you can also find various unique fonts to complement your designs.

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