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Social Media Graphic

Tips to Pick Fonts for a More Impactful Social Media Graphic

Based on research released by Hootsuite as of January 2021, internet users have reached 4.66 billion across the globe, with 4.2 billion recorded as active users on social media platforms. The statistic means that more than half of the earth’s population (53.6%) actively uses social platforms. That is why social network platforms are no longer an elective strategy in today’s digital marketing; it actually has become the essence of it.

Therefore, take advantage of social platforms to brand your business. Build an attractive social feed’s graphic to bring a more impactful effect on your brand marketing. On account of this, one way to present captivating visual branding is by choosing the right fonts for your posts. Then check out the tips below to avoid any mistake in picking the most appropriate font for your social posts.

Get to know the types and characters of fonts 

Social Media Graphic
Source : Angkoo

Without a doubt, using precise font combinations can give an impressive result for your social media graphic. For that reason, start from the basics by getting to know the types and characters of fonts.

Display font

As the name implies, this font is usually intended for large formats, such as headings, book covers, posters, billboard needs, and so on. Above all, display typefaces can be presented in the form of sans serif, slab serif, serif font, etc.

Serif font

The character of this font is versatile and a bit serious. What distinguishes it from sans serif is the stroke at the end of the serif letters.

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Script font

Basically, script fonts imitate handwriting strokes. Accordingly, this type of font is usually called a calligraphy or handwriting style typeface. 

Sans Serif font

Sans serif is the opposite of serif. This font doesn’t have an extension at the end of its letters. Moreover, sans serif is considered easy to read, so that it has become popular for branding purposes.

How to Choose the Right Font for Your Social Media Graphics

Social Media Graphic
Source : Place IT

After considering the basics of fonts, get inspired by the following tips on picking the right fonts for social media graphics.

  • Don’t try to fill the canvas

For sure, you need to consider the small canvas post provided by social platforms. That means you don’t need large amounts of text to fill them in. Keep it as minimal as possible to ensure your post’s legibility.

  • Do not hesitate to use big and bold font

To grab users’ attention, work with a strong visual hierarchy. For example, you can enrich your feed graphic by using bold and big fonts.

  • Pay attention to the legibility of your text design

Start with legible and clean fonts to enhance your social platform’s graphics. In this aspect, you also need to concentrate on the size and space of each letter to make it more readable.

  • Pick the one with the right emotion

Choose a font that can represent the emotion your brand is after. That’s because each font has its character traits. Hence, choose the one that can communicate your brand optimally.

  • Showcase a consistent design 

Use a consistent structural design to support your social campaign. This method is effective in increasing your brand recognition as well as giving it a character.

Hopefully, the tips above can help you to create more impactful social media graphics.  Visit the official website of Pollux of Geminorum to find more inspiration about fonts as well as add your typefaces collection. 

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