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Futuristic Font

10 Free Futuristic Font to Make Your Design Unique

If there’s one thing that can make your design look more lively and appealing, choosing the right font is the key. Futuristic fonts have become gradually famous for modern design. Even though nobody knows what the future will look like, there are a plethora of typographic alternatives for portraying a futuristic vibe. 

Futuristic Font
Source : Creative Market

So here are some futuristic fonts to take your design to the next level.

  • Blanka

Meet Blanka, a minimalist font created to make you feel like you are in the future. The missing portions in the letters give a whimsical sense to the fonts. You can use it for either body text or headline.

  • Elixia

Elixia is a hexagon-based typeface that comes in upper and lower case, as well as a few aesthetic variations for key characters. This font works for modern artwork creation and helps you build a design with an archaic and magical feeling. Use this font for creative display.

  • Luciana

This type of monospaced font with a unique and gorgeous takes on futuristic and modern font design. As the name suggests, the font has a lively and feminine feel due to the exquisite swashes and ultra-light strokes. It can be used for posters and display faces or changed a little to create a lovely monogram for logos.

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  • Andromeda 

Andromeda has sharp and well-defined strokes that make it look like it comes straight from the stars. This font comes with a rudimentary set of lowercase and uppercase Latin characters, numbers, and punctuation marks.

  • Electro

Are you looking for an expressive font to convey your message? Take a look at Electro. It is a stunning combination of thin lines and sharp edges. Electro comes in free and paid versions which you can use. The free version comes with limitations such as punctuation and language support. 

  • Raptor Sans

Raptor Sans has an appealing classic sci-fi vibe to its appearance. It is simple, straightforward, and bold. It is an excellent choice to give your design a futuristic feeling with a touch of nostalgic vibe. The font was inspired by the book cover design from the 1960s and 1970s.

  • Averox 

Averox is a modern, neon-inspired, futuristic modern sans typeface. The font is based on a minimalist logo often seen in sci-fi movies, popular among large corporations. It is ideal for creating brochures, printed graphics, brand advertising, logo, and many more.

  • Osiris 

This is a retro-futuristic font that includes numbers, punctuation, and multilingual letters. Osiris is heavily influenced by the NASA font with its rounded corners and sharp edges. If you are looking for a combination of a modern and aesthetic font with a nostalgic feeling, this is the correct answer.

  • Marske 

Enter the world of a cyberpunk environment with Marske. This futuristic font comes with a big benefit as it works well with Cyrillic and Latin alphabets. It has a hi-tech look that makes every design more fantastic.

  • Alpha

Do you want a bold, solid typeface display with a touch of futuristic typography? Alpha is a futuristic font with a distinctive style. This font can be used for gaming, movie titles, gaming, advertising, branding, among other things. Furthermore, Alpha is an excellent choice for a neon effect added to the design.

Futuristic fonts are currently very popular in design. But if you want to find more useful tips on how to use it and where to use it, visit Pollux of Geminorum. You will also find many helpful information about designs that will inspire you.

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