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5 Graphic Design Trend in 2022: Our Prediction

The year is ending; as usual, designers and people working in related fields begin to predict how the graphic design trend in 2022 will be like. Trends are usually influenced by past events combined with the hope of the future. That being said, we have summarized our prediction on graphic design trends in the upcoming year.

How 2022 Is Gonna Be Like?

Graphic Design
Source : Web Flow

The very eventful year of 2021 brought up many discussions that haven’t gotten much attention before. Issues regarding races and all sorts of differences between each person started to be discussed more. Hence, it is predicted that inclusivity would be the value that would highlight the upcoming trend.

Moreover, there are many other trends from this year that might still be popular next year. As we all know, the pandemic isn’t over yet. To counteract the bleakness of the event, bright and bold color is predicted to still be on trend even in 2022.

Graphic Design Trends in 2020

Graphic Design
Source : Color Whistle

Inclusive designs and illustration

Black Lives Matter and Asian Hate that emerge from the pandemic cause people to question: what does it mean to be inclusive? It, of course, translates into graphic design trends. Designs and illustrations that are inclusive have started to gain their spotlight. Businesses have included people from many races and backgrounds in their promotional campaigns in the hope that people feel represented enough across all sorts of media. After all, representation matters, including in designs and illustrations.

Colorful Minimalism

Minimalism is predicted to be still trendy. However, as more people get into minimalism, a question emerges: what does it mean to be minimalist in design? Does minimalism mean only choosing the color black and white in designing?

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The meaning of minimalism begins to transform to not limited only to black and white. This new form of minimalism allows the designers to choose various colors while still abiding by minimalism.  

Classic Serif Fonts

As the oldest font style ever used, serif fonts exudes classiness and elegance. Many businesses opt to use serif fonts in their brand campaign. It could bring a sense of luxury, brands that utilize this type of font would look timeless and leave a strong impression on people.

Moreover, unlike retro display fonts, serif fonts usually have tiny embellishments, making them very versatile in all sorts of design and illustrations.

It is the summary of our prediction on trends in 2022. They might not be that far off from the trend this year. However, it seems that next year bold and bright colors will become more favorable. What do you think? Do you think there are still some trends that we haven’t mentioned yet?

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