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How to Choose the Best Web Fonts for Your Business

Many people don’t realize that choosing the right font is just as important as web designing when building a website. Not only that, it could represent your whole brand, choosing the right typeface would affect the readability of your website content. Making your website look pretty; would mean nothing if it couldn’t be read across different devices.

What Is a Web Safe Font?

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Typefaces that are web-safe should be able to be read in any browser as well as the device. If you choose the ones that aren’t guaranteed to be web-safe, chances are your blog visitors would read the website in a more generic typeface. As a result, your intention to give the right impression through the typography of your website would fail to attain. 

Ultimately, the safest choices available are the ones listed in Google. However, nowadays, many software can be used to convert the typeface chosen to be safer for the web.

Choosing the Best Web Font

Fits It With Your Brand

What is the branding of your business? If you want to tap into the right audience, then you’d have to think about choosing the right typeface that could represent your brand. Think of your brand’s core value and how you want people to associate your brand with it. Most importantly, think of the demography of your targeted market as well. 

Do you want your brand to look modern or to look timeless? Does it have to scream luxury, or does it have to look clean? These are the few of many questions you should ask while making your website.

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Be Consistent 

While creating your website, it may be tempting to use a new typeface. Still, you shouldn’t forget that consistency is highly important if you want to leave a brand perception to your audience. Consistency is highly needed in the website and in every sort of online and printed media where people could get their hands on it create a lasting impression. 

It is why big companies have their brand guidelines that take care of the brand consistency, including small details such as the typeface used in all media.

Combine Wisely 

Combining different typefaces would help you elevate your website’s dynamic, making it look more attractive and easier to read. However, it would help if you were careful while doing so, as combining too many typefaces would further complicate the layout of your website. 

The basic rule of thumb while combining different typefaces is never to use more than three types. Moreover, you have to ensure that the combination complements each other, and it should be consistently used across all pages of your website. 

Now that we’ve discussed how to choose the best web fonts for your business, do you think you have a clearer idea of what to do first? If you’re interested in having a licensed web font that can represent your brand well, don’t hesitate to check out the work of Pollux of Geminorum.

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