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Slab serif

Reason to Pick Slab-serif Fonts for Your Brand Logo

A brand logo is one of the essential elements of a product. On top of that, it can take years for a company to design its logo. The planning starts from logo design to brand writing fonts. It is reasonable, considering that the brand logo will affect the product’s impression on consumers.

There are many fonts that companies use as part of their brand logos. One of the fonts that many well-known companies use in their brand logos is slab-serif. What is slab-serif? What brands use this font? Here are some explanations for you that might be able to answer these questions. 

What is Slab Serif Fonts? 

Slab serif
Source : Creative Market

Slab-serif fonts were born around the 1800s. At that time, many used this font in illustrative advertisements. Since then, slab-serif has become popular and is widely used in the world of advertising. Currently, many well-known companies use this font for their brand logos.

For those of you who want to give a unique touch to your brand logo, Slab-serif can be a perfect choice. With its angles, curves, and iconic “kick”, Slab-serif can make your brand more eye-catching. In other words, this font can make your brand logo look more stand out and memorable.

In addition, Slab-serif fonts also provide a sense of confidence and authority. In other words, you can give a strong impression by using this font in your brand logo. With the right typography, a logo with a Slab-serif font can show its charisma and dominance.

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Brand Logos with Slab Serif Fonts

Slab serif
Source : Three Room

Some well-known brands that use Slab-serif fonts in their brand logos are Vogue, Volvo, Sony, and Honda. By using this font, these brand logos give the impression of elegance and sturdiness. It looks minimalist, but it is enough to represent the brand image that their company wants to build. 

The logos that use Slab-serif seem to steal attention, even with just one look. Also, if we compared it to its traditional sibling, the Serif, the Slab-serif has a strong and confident look that can steal anyone’s attention.

Slab Serif Fonts Tips for Brand Logos

As we discussed above, Slab-serif fonts have bolder characters and uppercase letters. This type of font is designed to attract attention from a distance. However, how best to combine them in a logo? This moment is where the power of typography comes into play. 

You can combine different versions of the same font. For example, combine the fonts you have chosen with bold, italic, all caps, or combine uppercase and lowercase styles. In this case, avoid combining fonts of different types, such as slab serif and serif.

Those are some things about Slab-serif in brand logos that you need to know. In choosing a font for a logo, the main thing that we must pay attention to is the brand image that we want to build. In this case, for those of you who want to show a strong, elegant, and dominant brand image, Slab-serif might be a perfect choice.

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