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5 Great Ways to Design a Social Media Friendly Logo

With 4.5 billion users worldwide, according to the report released by Hootsuite, social media platforms are fundamental in digital marketing. Now, more people rely on social network platforms to build engagement with a brand. Through the social feed, potential customers can also see products offered and how a brand interacts with its customers. 

That’s why building an impressive social account is mandatory at this moment in time. It enables you to attract more users to recognize and feel connected to your brand. What’s more, the brand logo is one of the graphic design elements that must be made more social media-friendly to win the crowd. Then check out this review to get more information about creating a more social media-friendly logo for your brand and how to do it properly.

Why Is Social Media-Friendly Logo Essential for Your Business?

Social Media
Source : Accurate

Like people judge others by the clothes they wear, the same idea applies to logo design. A logo will be the first thing to examine when users visit your business account. So, here are some points that make a social media-friendly logo design have a significant role in developing your business.

  • A social media-friendly logo helps brands to build better awareness among customers.
  • It will differentiate you from competitors in the same business niche.
  • It’s simpler to set a better brand identity with a logo that has a social media-friendly finish.
  • As part of the brand image, a logo can affect the perception of customers about your business.

Things to Consider When Designing a Logo for Social Media Use

Social Media
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As previously described, a social media-friendly logo helps stand out your business. However, you must design it thoroughly to ensure the results can be impactful for your branding. For that reason, consider these points when designing logos for social media use.

Pay attention to the color scheme

Each color plays a role in creating the mood in a logo. Because of this, choose one that syncs with the emotions your brand wants to display on the social network platform. For the concept of innovation and creativity, you can choose blue—or work with green for the impression of freshness.

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Check the aspect ratio

Don’t neglect the aspect ratio of the logo to make it look great on your profile. Ergo, pay attention to the dimension of the profile picture each social media platform requires. Twitter, for example, uses the dimension of 400 x 400 pixels for its profile picture, while Instagram utilizes a smaller ratio, 110 x 110 pixels.

Be consistent

You must maintain the consistency of every element displayed in your logo design. Stick to the font, color scheme, or theme that aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Don’t ignore the legibility

To make your logo more social media-friendly, don’t go overboard and display unnecessary details. Eliminate every annoying distraction that makes your logo design seem unattractive.

Make it versatile

Consider the versatility of your logo when designing it. That is because your logo will be used in different circumstances. So, ensure your design fits various purposes without requiring a lot of customization.

Creating a logo that matches social media calls must require a lot of consideration. Thus, check on our collection of fonts on the Pollux of Geminorum website. Get ones that can help develop a different atmosphere in your logo design.

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