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Steps to Make a Business Logo with Logo Design Software


By using a design software program, a business’ potential of expanding can suddenly become endless. With this particular software, you can make any illustrations that you can use for your business purposes. Apart from making your business logo, you can use the software to make promotions, product packages, branding schemes, and many others. For this reason, it seems impossible for a business venture not to use designer programs for its own sake. However, in this article, we’d only like to share how to make your business logo for your business’ identity.

Steps to Make a Logo with a Design Software

Design Software
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Without further ado, here are some steps to make a business logo with reliable design software!

Make a new canvas

To start making the logo, you can start by making a new canvas to work on that logo. Designer programs can offer you features to choose which kind of canvas that you’d like to try.

Draw a simple shape

After making the canvas, feel free to draw a simple shape or two that will define your logo. Be sure to draw them properly as they will affect the overall flow of the logo making.

Edit the shape

Once the shapes are done, edit the shapes if necessary to better suit their shapes. Editing them out can make your shapes more appealing later on.

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Add some color

Something equally important to the shapes is the color choice. With some extra gradient, you can make the color choice in your business logo more professional-looking.

Group the layers

After that, group your layers into a single form to make your business logo look more definitive. Grouping them into one means that there are no more individual layers that are left out.

Change the shapes

Adjust the shapes in the layers to make a final touch on the logo. Changing them the way you want can make the logo take up forms that you desire for your business logo.

Make a text

A business logo should have a word or two to identify your business’ brand name. However, be sure not to make a lengthy text as it can make your logo look messy and all over the place.

Choose the proper typeface

A typeface can make the words in your business logo look neater and more well-drawn. Be sure to choose a typeface that suits your business’ overall identity.

Export the file

After making final adjustments, be sure to export your business logo file! Exporting the file makes the file able to be opened somewhere else or adjusted again when necessary.


Who would’ve thought that making a business logo using design software is easier than originally thought? With a proper designer program, making a business logo and other illustration projects for your business venture is now easier than ever before. Are you looking for some fonts to spice up your designs too? Visit our website and catalogue here to find out more!

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