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Brand Logos

The Psychology of Branding in Brand Logos

In the past, most people did not think much about brand logos. A logo was often treated simply as an aesthetic component of the company. These days, though, companies exert more effort into making great logos for their businesses. They start to recognize the importance of logos in branding and identity building.

Logo, Branding, and Identity Building

Brand Logos
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To see the connection between logo and identity building, it would be better to understand the three basic concepts: logo, brand, and identity. Logo refers to a distinctive symbol that represents the company. Logo is a part of the brand system, as brand is the combination of images created to represent the business.

Meanwhile, identity is defined as the personality of a business. It encompasses not only the logo but also the brand. Identity shows the core values implemented within the business. These values guide how the business runs in the coming years. Identity is an intangible concept but very present.

Brand identity provides these benefits to the company:

  • Demonstrate the shared value of people who built the company and the stakeholders (including consumers).
  • It sharpens the business focus.
  • Identity makes the brand more noticeable.

Brand components like a logo will be something that people remember the most about a company. As the business spreads its wings to the market, people get to know the company’s values better, and the logo becomes an identifier for the company. Thus, logo is a crucial component in identity building.

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An example of this is the Apple Inc. logo. It has the shape of a bitten apple. The logo matches the company’s chosen name too. However, the logo has a deeper meaning. It actually refers to the story of Adam and Eve. The bitten apple represents hunger or lust for something unimaginable.

Using Brand Logos for Effective Branding

Brand Logos
Source : Logo Brand

How to use a company logo in a branding project? The following tips might be able to give you a nudge in the right direction:

1. Choosing a Good Design

A company needs to invest in a good logo design. It will be associated with the logo for a very long time, so the logo must be aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. The characteristics of a good logo are:

2. Using the Logo Consistently

In effective branding, the logo is used consistently throughout the company’s operation. People will memorize the logo easily when it is constantly presented to them. Once the logo has stuck, the branding process is almost complete. People will subconsciously link the symbol to the company.

3. Applying DAM System

Managing the use of a logo is complicated because it means that every product, documents, and other things need to be paired with the logo. A Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool can make the process a lot more efficient. It basically provides templates for the company.

Brand logos are powerful tools in branding. It is a brand component that people see most often. As people are exposed to the logo frequently, the symbol sticks into their mind. To learn more about this, you can go to

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