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5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget When Choosing Fonts for Your Brand

In creating a design, you will need to consider a lot of things, from its color, design, layout, images, and typography. However, many people rarely remember that typography is also an important part of designing. Well-crafted typography using the right fonts will help you optimize the overall layout to look balanced, attractive, and easy to read. 

This is why choosing the right typeface is always important, whatever your design project is. It can take minutes, hours, on even days, depending on what kind of project you have. Therefore, to ease your process in finding the appropriate typeface, here are five things you shouldn’t forget.

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  • Legibility

Before you think about what typeface and accents to use in your typography, the first thing to ensure is its legibility. While you may want to have a beautiful and fully decorated typeface, you don’t want it to have too many accents that make it difficult to read.

The purpose of a text in the design is to deliver messages to your audience. Therefore, you don’t want your chosen typeface to defy its original purpose of delivering a message. If people have to spend more time understanding what is written in your design, they will just leave and not read it.

  • Branding

The next thing to remember is about branding. The typeface you select should represent the character, emotion, and spirit of the brand you are working on. It has to match the style to avoid clashing looks. 

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  • Number of Fonts

There are many beautiful fonts available that you can use. You might even be tempted to use a few typefaces at once due to their beautiful and cool design. However, using too many typefaces will make your design looks too cluttered and difficult to balance.

When you are working on the typography for your design, limit the number of typefaces you want to use. Two or three typefaces should be enough for one project design, and make sure not to use more than that. If you still need more variation, play with different sizes and weights of the typefaces you are already using instead.

  • Types of Fonts

The main idea of using more than one typeface is to create a balanced design with visual diversity. That is why fonts that are too similar in terms of shape and style will make them look clashed instead. When selecting the appropriate typeface, you want those that do not look identical, but they can complement each other while different.

  • Contrasting Fonts

Lastly, make sure that the typeface you choose is contrasting enough but not to the point that they are conflicting. The combination of typefaces you are using should look harmonious. 

For an easier guideline, you can find two typefaces with one thing in common but still different. For example, combine serif and sans serif. Remember, when using more than two typefaces, one should be more prominent than the other.

Now that you know what things you shouldn’t forget when choosing the appropriate fonts for your design project, it should be easier for you to find one or two. You may need to experiments with a few typefaces to find the right combination. Therefore, you should try visiting a website that provides various fonts to use, such as Pollux of Geminorum. By doing this, you will have more freedom in choosing and experimenting with various different typefaces.

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