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7 Tips to Pair Fonts Like a Pro

Project design that is created with multiple fonts can look visually appealing. It also makes your design different from others because of its unique font usage. However, using any random typeface in your design is not really the best way to do it. That is because some typefaces may look good together, but the other may look like a disaster.

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Here are some tips you should try to pair different fonts like a pro designer.

  • Use Typeface from the Same Family

For easier pairing, look for typefaces from the same family. By limiting your choice with typeface from the same family, it will narrow down your choice so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with the many options available. Additionally, it also makes your design have a more cohesive look.

  • Pair Chunky with Skinny

In pairing multiple typefaces, you also need a certain degree of contrast to keep it look interesting. Try pairing a chunky type of typeface with a skinnier one. These combinations look good together and the audience can easily distinguish between the two. Therefore, they can go on and focus on the content of your design instead.

  • Tight Kerning vs Loose Kerning

Kerning is the spacing between characters in a typeface. This can function as a hierarchy in your design, which makes it easier to differentiate each section of the text. This differentiation allows readers to understand that there are two or more distinct parts in a document or design that you are presenting.

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You can play around and be creative with kernings to create a great composition. However, be careful as too many loose kerning will not look interesting enough. Similarly, too much tight kernings will make the text look overstuffed. 

  • Complementary Moods

Just like colors, fonts are also associated with different moods and vibes. If you are going to pair two different typefaces, look for two typefaces that although look completely different, have similar moods. They will look good together since both give off the same feeling and complement each other.

  • Use Serif and Sans Serif

The classic and easiest way to pair two different typeface is using Serif and Sans Serif typeface together. Both have contrasting elements since one has decorative flourishes or feet, while the other does not. 

  • Traditional Heading vs Decorative Body

As mentioned previously, using two contrasting fonts will create a great visual layout. You can use traditional heading and combine it with a more decorative body. Using a traditional typeface gives your audience the expectation that you’re going to deliver a serious object. However, contrasting it with a decorative body will give an attractive look to your design.

  • Decorative Heading vs Traditional Body

Last but not least, you can also use a decorative heading and pair it with a more traditional body. This will make your design looks more fun, perfect for a design project with a less serious tone.

These are seven tips that you can implement if you are trying to pair multiple fonts. If you don’t know which typeface to start with, you should visit a font website such as Pollux of Geminorum for more inspiration.

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