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Islamic Font

4 Reasons Doodlebic Is A Unique Islamic Font

Ramazan during the Covid-19 pandemic has had its own challenges. First of all, running religious events for children requires different strategies. Secondly, more online games have gotten them easily distracted – even during the fasting month. Although they are good to distract kids from feeling hungry and thirsty during the day, they still need to set aside time to practice Islamic duties and study the religion more thoroughly.

Whatever your events for children may be, it all starts with a unique Islamic font. To attract kids (and their parents, too), use Doodlebic font as part of your event promotions. It definitely stands out.

The Reasons Behind Doodlebic’s Uniqueness As A Font

Islamic Font
Source : Pollux of Geminorum

What makes Doodlebic a unique Islamic font? Beautiful Arabic calligraphy is the main inspiration. The calligraphy itself has stood out for centuries and has been considered art. Creating it manually takes time and patience, making Arabic calligraphy unique.

These days, creating Arabic calligraphy no longer takes so much time. There is an app for that, and you get to improvise with a lot of things. For example, Latin words are made from Arabic calligraphy. Doodlebic is one way to make that happen, and it is easy to use and so applicable.

Other than that, here are some of the reasons behind Doodlebic’s uniqueness as a font:

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  • The faux element.

At first glance, Doodlebic may look like a regular type of Arabic calligraphy. The curves and swashes, plus the dots in the right places, make it possible. What makes it different and unique is the faux element. There is no ‘O’ vowel in Arabic, and Doodlebic makes it seem as it has always been there. The Latin letters are shaped like calligraphy.

  • The number and punctuation.

The number and punctuation are just part of the whole package in Doodlebic. The gap between letters and numbers makes it still readable. The punctuation, including the dots in the right places, still represent the authenticity of the Arabic calligraphy. You can use this for any Islamic or Middle-Eastern-themed events.

  • The alternate features.

The digital era has opened more rooms and opportunities to be more creative. It is the same case with using fonts. With its alternate features, you can create plenty of Islamic font choices through Doodlebic. Take your pick from all capitals to lower cases, from colors to shades. Create a caption that stands out on your invites or greeting cards.

  • The multilingual features.

Combined with the faux element, it is possible to use Doodlebic font in different languages. Latin letters stylized in Arabic calligraphy look-alike? Why not? After all, this font is still very much readable. You can also design the dots for the exact letters so that the authenticity of the calligraphy is still there.

Doodle Away with Doodlebic

So, there are ways to make your religious events this Ramazan look more attractive, whether online or not. Creating interesting-looking promotional banners and invites is one of the crucial strategies. Using Islamic font like Doodlebic is a perfect choice. It definitely fits the theme, and the design is also playful. Find it on Pollux of Geminorum.

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