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Script Font

Script Font in Typography: Why and When You Should Use It?

Who doesn’t know Coca-Cola? Everyone loves this world-famous soft drink, and everyone would also instantly recognize its iconic logo. This brand indeed has used an almost unchanged design since the first time – the script font

There are more popular brands that also use this cursive typeface. Why? Let’s find the answer in the article below. You will learn more about what script fonts are and the reasons why and when to use them. 

What is a Script Font?

Script Font
Source : Graphic Design Junction

Technically speaking, script font is a font that has fluid strokes like the ones in handwriting. Also known as cursive fonts or joint writing, it is indeed a unique typeface that imitates cursive handwriting. It writes language symbols conjointly in a beautiful flowing style. 

Script fonts, technically speaking, are the fonts that offer fluid strokes similar to that of handwriting. You can find them in two types, namely formal and casual ones. 

  • It is quite easy to recognize formal script fonts since they mostly show excessive curls and embellishments. Having a more traditional look, they are fancy writings that remind us of the scripts by the handwriting masters. 
  • The casual types take a more modern look with a more informal and personal touch. They probably look like calligraphy but with fewer swashes, giving their casual laidback feel. 

Some examples of script fonts are Allura, Mission Script, Bombshell Pro, Great Vibes, Richard Benoitt, and more. 

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Why Should You Use It?

Script Font
Source : creative bloq

Here are several reasons why it is a good idea to use a script font for any of your creative work in the first place.

  • Script font is surprisingly versatile.

Script fonts are not merely for women – highly associated with wedding or Valentine’s Day events. They can be much more flexible, and multipurpose everyone might think. They can be an additional muse for your design tool kits to consider. 

  • Script font is interestingly beautiful and fun.

Scripts offer a beautiful and fancy traditional look that evokes the feel of cursive calligraphy and handwriting. Also, they are interesting and bold at the same time, adding jiffy fun to any personal or commercial project.

  • Script font injects sophisticated flair to any design.

You can feel the stylish and elegant feel from looking at script typefaces even at first glance. It seems that they have the lives of their own – the particular flair. 

When Should You Use It?

The initial construction of script font was how people could write in faster and smoother ways. As mentioned earlier, there are two types of script fonts, the formal and casual ones. 

  • People usually use formal script typefaces for invitations and diplomas.
  • Meanwhile, the casual type offers more appealing and friendly characters due to their informal and personal touch. As a result, people commonly use the casual type for various media and modern brand identity efforts. 

Remember that script fonts are best when you use them as focal or accent point. Therefore, graphic designers never use them in large blocks of text. 

As a reference, take a look at these popular brands or websites using script fonts as their logos. They are, among others, Disney, Kellogg’s, Barbie, Kleenex, McDonald’s Garden Center website, Harrods, Wendy’s, Ford, and more. 

Now you have learned the definition of a script font, its benefits, and the best time to use them. It’s time to try out this type of scriptwriting. For a quick start or experiment, you can visit many great online sources for these cursive fonts.

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