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5 Uses of Graphic Design in Brand Development

Because the market is highly saturated, brand development becomes a massive challenge, particularly for a starting company. Successful branding will improve competitiveness, but taking an initial step is already so hard. Graphic design is able to help kick start the branding process.

5 Design Uses in Branding

Graphic Design
Source : Zillion Designs

Business owners must understand that brand development is not an instant process. It happens gradually, and there are many aspects to be taken care of. Here are five things that should be included in the company’s brand development journey:

1. Company Logo

A logo will be attached to anything produced by the company. For successful branding, the company logo must fulfill the following criteria:

  • It is distinguishable.
  • The logo is not distracting the eyes from other campaign items.
  • It has room for growth and change.

2. Website Design

Website introduces the brand to the public. It should be the most trusted source of information about your brand. It should fulfill these criteria:

  • It should match the vibe that the brand wants to deliver.
  • It allows users to navigate content and use the call-to-action functions with ease.
  • The design is intuitive.

3. Social Media 

The company needs social media to stay relevant in the market. Social media allows direct interaction with customers in a very economic way. Graphic design for the company’s social media should be:

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  • Visually engaging the audience
  • Shareable, meaning that people would be able to share the contents easily across within and outside of the platform
  • Informative

4. Packaging Design

People feast with their eyes first. The saying also applies to product packaging. Prospective customers will be interested in a product when it is packaged nicely. The packaging design must fulfill these requirements:

  • It caters to the taste of the target audience.
  • The design is also functional.
  • The design of the packaging complements the product well.

5. Collateral Materials

Collateral materials are public relations tools. The company uses them to communicate with other parties, such as customers and business partners. Newsletters and business cards are included in this category. Collateral materials should be:

  • Smartly utilizing colors for ambiance and navigation
  • Including attractive visual items that will attract the reader’s eyes
  • Avoiding using too many texts in the material
  • Making use of the right font

Brand Development with Graphic Design

Graphic Design
Source : Marketing 91

Branding process goes together with the creation of those products. To fulfill the ideal criteria for each graphic product, you should follow these tips:

1. Setting Goals

A good business needs to have a goal so that it does not lose track. Business owners must determine what the company aims to provide to its customer. The company should also choose the message that it wants to share.

2. Aiming for Specific Audience

The design process is easier when a brand aims for a specific audience. A market segment tends to share similar tastes. The brand’s overall design should cater to that specific taste.

3. Establishing Tone

Setting up the brand’s tone should be done as early as possible. It depends on whether you want to adopt a serious or laid-back approach.

4. Continuous Promotion

Once the design is released, the company must move fast. A good design will not be received well if it is not promoted. Continuous promotion across platforms is necessary.

Brand development is a finicky matter. A company should know that cohesiveness between graphic design products used in the branding is necessary. Visit to understand the best practice in developing your brand with the help of a good design.

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