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7 Font Recommendations to Make Your Resume Easy to Read

Upon graduating from college or even before graduating, a person must make a resume that can be used for many professional needs, such as job applications, graduate scholarship registrations, and many more. To make the resume readable, we should choose the best font to make it informative and clear enough for everyone. Now, are you wondering about the best fonts that you can use for your resume? In this article, we will introduce you to several fonts that many companies and institutions use as well for their standard in making documents, which also means increasing your success in applying to these places.

The Font Recommendations

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Without further ado, here are 7 font recommendations for your resume!


As one of the contemporary fonts, Avenir gains fame for being versatile and crisp looking that gives an up-to-date feel to the information contents that you put on your resume.

To make it more readable, you should consider using Avenir Next to increase Avenir’s original display capabilities, resulting in the words’ increased readability in your resume.


Contemporary fonts can complement classic fonts to make a resume more readable. It is especially true for Calibri that was designed to replace Times New Roman as the default choice in Microsoft Word with great success.

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Because of its status as a current default choice in Microsoft Word, Calibri is easily readable on most computers in the current year. It can help your resume’s information to be easily received by a hiring manager that can increase your success in being accepted.


Similar to Calibri, Cambria has attained the status of being a classic choice for choosing fonts in Microsoft Word. Even so, Cambria remains a strong contender for many people who want to make their resumes easy to look at and read.

Even though Cambria is printed in smaller text sizes, its capability to be read even in small size contributes to its enduring popularity for many resumes and cover letter makers.


Do you want a touch of elegance in your resume? Then you can opt for Didot, a popular choice for resume makers who want to work in creative industries like the entertainment and fashion sectors.

However, to make your use of Didot in your resume more efficient, you should only use Didot as your heading and other fonts for your main content to prevent your resume from being too excessive in terms of elegance.


For the longest time, Garamond is considered a jack-of-all-trades; it is elegant, easy to read, attractive, and formal without looking too old despite its longtime origin that traces back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

Not to mention, this font can also fit perfectly to the resume’s page without sacrificing readability. In contrast, other fonts might have to do so after lowering their letters’ sizes to make up more space in the resume.


From making logos to making resumes, Helvetica probably stands as one of the most popular choices ever for choosing modern-looking and trendy fonts without sacrificing formality in its designs.

Not only for its modern-looking appearance, being clean and looking plain gorgeous also contributes to its popularity for casual and professional uses across all industry sectors.


Last but not least is Verdana. If you have so much information that you need to put into your resume out of necessity, using Verdana can be an effective solution for that problem.

Because of its small-print legibility, Verdana is popular for resume makers who need to insert much information into their resume without spending an excessive amount of pages.


While all of these recommendations are legit, it is up to you to choose the most relevant font for your needs. Do you have other needs other than making a resume? We at Pollux of Geminorum are ready to help you with our expertise in making fonts that might match up with your tastes!

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