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5 Best High-End Fashion Brand Logos Explained

Fashion is one of the ever-changing industries, making brand logos especially important for it enables customers to identify the products. A well-designed logo can also impact the perceived value of the brand. Whether it’s the first time you design a logo or redesign the existing one, you may discover best practices from the logos of the top fashion brands below.


Brand Logos
Source : Peakpx

When people think of luxury fashion brands, Gucci is perhaps the first label that comes to mind—and the design of their memorable logo intensifies this thought tenfold. It’s a logo no one can miss coupled with its name written in large, strong Granjon Roman, classified as a serif typeface.

There’s also a sentiment behind the iconic interlocking logo. The two Gs are a nod to Guccio Gucci, the man behind this widely acclaimed fashion house. The Gucci logo is fun and fresh but also refined and can stand the test of time. It’s an actual embodiment of infinity.


Brand Logos
Source : Dreams Time

Classical art or ancient mythology has influenced many prominent brand logos, including Versace. Founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, Versace is another Italian prestige fashion house. Gianni Versace had an in-depth interest in classical art and Greek mythology at such a level that he displayed it in his brand’s logo design.

Medusa, a Greek mythological figure, is featured in the Versace logo. The border circled around it is also based on Greek mythology. It’s profoundly ingrained in ancient Greek culture as well. 

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Louis Vuitton

Brand Logos
Source : Tribun News

Starting in 1854 as a luggage company, Louis Vuitton is one of the most globally acclaimed fashion houses. Much like Gucci, LV also comes up with a monogram logo, which is probably the most famous one today.

The monogram was personally designed by Georges Vuitton in 1896, a son of Louis Vuitton, as an approach to brand his father’s luggage business. Unlike the Gucci logo, the LV logo doesn’t employ rotation or even reflection. Instead, the italicized serif “L” is positioned a bit to the left, below the capitalized letter “V.”


Brand Logos
Source : Fortune

Founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856, Burberry has become one of the luxuries fashion brands known for its tartan pattern. Back then, the Burberry logo featured an Equestrian Knight riding a house until August 2018. They altered it to a simple wordmark with sans serif typeface.

The new Burberry logo depicts simplicity and elegance with the brand name written in all capitals and “London England” beneath. It’s indeed a risky decision, given that the brand equity is built around the previous logo. A few other top fashion brand logos have also undergone the same thing to conform to the digital age.

Giorgio Armani

Brand Logos
Source : Naveen Rajhall

Giorgio Armani is another luxury fashion house that originated in Italy. The brand was founded in 1975 by Giorgio Armani himself and today is known for its crisp and sleek menswear lines. The company features an eagle looking to the right as its logo.

The right-facing eagle is believed to be a symbol of dominance and luxury. Aside from this, the logos is coupled with a basic monochromatic color palette, allowing the logo to give off an elegant and simplistic impression.


Brand logos in high-end fashion labels are certainly way more significant than they are in any other business. It’s the most prominent part of the fashion house. Over time, people will invest in these logos and eventually become iconic. You can even start designing the logo of your clothing line by selecting the appropriate font in Pollux of Geminorum.

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