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Choosing Font for Creating Retro Futurism Design

In the world of graphic design, we can combine different colors and patterns to produce a style. In other words, choosing the right colors, patterns, and fonts can create a unique and different style, whether you want to create a vintage, classic, modern, or futuristic style. Plus, you also can combine all three styles to create your signature design style. 

With a balanced composition, you can create unique and stunning works. One design style that recently is making a comeback is retro-futurism. This style combines modern and vintage elements that create a genre of its own. In retro-futurism designs, besides playing with patterns and colors, you can also combine vintage or futuristic fonts according to the style you want to highlight.

However, creating designs in this style can be tricky because you must combine modern and classic elements in a balanced way so that the design you produce can look harmonious. Furthermore, to better understand how to combine patterns, colors, and fonts to create a retro-futurism-style graphic design, here is some information you need to know.

A Brief History About Futurism

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The inventor of futurism was a poet named Filippo Tommaso Marinetti. He wants to break the notion that the beauty of art is only limited to old canvases, old statues, and old objects. The Italian poet then published his Futurist Manifesto in 1909.

His ideas quickly spread in society and thrived among young artists in the early 20th century. In its history, the basic principles of futurism have changed many things, such as the mindset of generations of painters, young designers, architects, poets, and film directors.

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Futurist artists try to create works that show the energy and dynamism of a new era, then combine them with modern visual elements and digital technology products. In other words, they are trying to interpret the frantic movement of the futuristic life.

In essence, futurism describes what artists expect will be a breakthrough in the world of technology. An example is what is depicted in the movie Back to The Future. The movie was produced in the 1990s and showed us how society at that time viewed modern life.

Retro Futurism Graphic Design Trend

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As time goes by, technology continues to develop rapidly. There are times when you see the latest technological designs that were previously unthinkable. It might make you wonder whether you are living in the future.

However, if we compare the modernity that exists today with how people in the 80s and 90s imagined the future, it is certainly much different. We can compare this from the illustration of the future depiction that people at that time made.  This is the beginning of the birth of retro-futurism.

The term “retro-futurism” first appeared in a Bloomingdale advertisement in the 1983 issue of The New York Times. The ad depicts jewelry made of silver steel in a retro-futuristic style. The term then expanded and began to be commonly used by people to refer to a similar style.

Retro-futurism is an artistic movement that combines vintage retro style and futuristic technology. In short, retro-futurism emerged as a skeptical approach to what futurists dreamed of in the past, such as their visions of flying cars, robots, space colonies, and interstellar travel.

Also, in simple terms, retro-futurism came from artists’ exploration of the tension between the past and the future. In other words, the fantasy of the older generation about what the future civilization would look like became the subject of retro-futurism artwork.

As an art style, retro-futurism also has several genres. Some of the most popular genres include cyberpunk, steampunk, dieselpunk, atompunk, and raygun gothic. Each of these genres has its remarkable style, according to how the future picture for the designer.

Retro Futurism Pattern and Colors

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Modern design that we currently know leads to simplicity and minimalism. On the other hand, retro-futurism tends to be excessive in describing sci-fi technology. When modern style tends to use monochrome colors with simple designs, retro-futurism uses neon colors and surreal illustrations.

Retro-futurism designers are bold in playing with color. They are free to imagine as wildly as possible about how technology, transportation, urban planning, fashion, and humans will look in their “future” version. In other words, the designs they come up with are limitless and can be as impossible as anything.

In the world of graphic design and marketing, retro-futurism provides more aesthetic options. In choosing colors, designers are free to combine bright, flashy, and neon colors. For shapes and details, designers can combine oldish and modern styles. Meanwhile, in terms of typography, designers can use retro vintage or futuristic fonts or even combine them.

The retro-futurism design style has several characteristics. Apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, this stylish design is also timeless. Even today, retro-futurism is still a favorite for product campaign designs, artwork, and movie posters. What are the characteristics of retro-futurism design? Here are some things you need to know.

Bright Color Palettes

In retro-futurism design, a bright color palette always dominates to show that the world is full of various colors. Therefore, when creating a futuristic retro-style graphic design, you don’t need to hesitate in using color. You can even use vibrant colors, neon, or silver, according to your desired design style.

Gradients and Color Transitions

In addition to using vibrant colors, retro-futurism is also notable with a combination of gradients and color transitions. This way, the resulting visuals are unique and blend beautifully, even if you mix up bunch of colors. There are no definite rules about the color gradations you want to create, as long as you can make them look pleasing to the eye.

Abstract Patterns

As a style that is also closely related to pop culture, retro-futurism allows you to break through all boundaries of form and concept. You can use abstract patterns to express your creative ideas. The combination of asymmetrical lines, clashing colors, and abstract illustration shapes can be an appealing part of your design.


Design effects, such as glitches, are also part of the retro-futurism elements. Usually, designers use this effect to illustrate although sophisticated, new technology is not free from distractions. Some retro-futurism artists add this detail to their digital-themed designs.

Holographic and Reflective Elements

In addition to the glitch effect, the touch of a hologram is also one of the distinctive elements of retro futurism design. When thinking of the future, one tends to imagine touch screens, holograms, and shiny or transparent surfaces. Therefore, some designers like holographic and reflective elements to give a futuristic impression.

Geometric Influences

Another futuristic pattern that usually appears in retro-futurism designs is geometric shapes. In this case, the most dominating geometric shapes are smooth and round ones, such as circles and ovals. In this way, you can create dynamic and impressive object dimensions.

Grungy and Faded Aesthetics

The retro-futurism design is also notable with the grungy and faded effect. It makes the design seems old-school but also aesthetic. This point is unique because it also signifies a meeting between classic and futuristic elements in an artwork.

Retro Vintage and Futuristic Font Recommendation    

As we have discussed above, retro-futurism is a meeting point between the future and the past. Therefore, you will find a classic and modern touch there. In addition to the selection of colors and shapes, typography is a part that cannot be missed. Therefore, it is important for you to know the right font for your retro-futurism design.

In terms of typography, in retro-futurism design, you can choose vintage, retro, or futuristic fonts or combine them all. You can adjust the font you choose to the needs of the design style you want to emphasize. Furthermore, if you’re looking for a font that fits your retro-futurism design, here are some recommendations for vintage and futuristic fonts that you can try.


Source : Pollux of Geminorum

If you’re looking for a retro or vintage font to complement your retro-futurism design, Rockeflea could be a perfect choice. This script-style font looks beautiful and well-balanced with its retro vintage touch. It is a perfect font choice for fashion branding, editorial design, to movie posters. At a glance, you can see that this font can fit retro-futurism concepts well.

Money Game

Source : Pollux of Geminorum

If you need a futuristic font recommendation, Money Game might be on your list to try. Inspired by one of the famous Korean film series, Money Game is perfect for you who want to add an Asian touch to your designs. You can use this font in greeting cards, social media content, artwork, and more. Its unique shape can give a futuristic impression to your design.

Turn off the Mic!

Source : Pollux of Geminorum

Are you looking for a font with an urban art vibe to complement your retro-futurism design? You can try to use Turn off the Mic!. Create with vibrant colors and geometrical shapes, and this font can look like a futuristic font with an urban vibe. This font is perfect for designing t-shirts, sportswear, logos, advertisements, clothing, even artwork.

Harlem Boston

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Another font with urban vibe that’s perfect for your retro-futurism designs is Harlem Boston. This bold and chunky lettered display font is suitable for a more playful design. With this shape, it will certainly make your design look more stand out. This font is perfect for advertising needs or making posters that want to grab attention. 


Source : 1001 Fonts

If you want a futuristic font with a round shape style, Cocomat might be for you. This font is a variant of Coco Gothic, which is still in the same family with sans serif geometric typefaces. According to the font creator, this font is inspired by the style of the 20s and the visions of Italian futurists like Fortunato Depero, Giacomo Balla, and Antonio Sant’Elia.

Leprosy Font Family

Source : 1001 Fonts

Another futuristic font that is suitable for retro-futurism style designs is the Leprosy Font Family. This font has a bold shape with a border that surrounds each letter. This font is perfect for you who want to bring together classic and modern elements in your designs. Its unique and eye-catching shape makes it suitable for you to use in posters, advertisements, or artwork.

Rictor Barbossa

Source : Pollux of Geminorum

For those of you who are looking for a classic vintage font with a gothic vibe, Rictor Barbossa can be the answer. You can easily create this bold blackletter font with any design, including retro-futurism style. For example, if you want to create an old newspaper-style design with futuristic illustrations. You can use this font in your title to add a retro or classic impression.


Source : Pollux of Geminorum

Another vintage-style font that you can mix and match with your retro-futurism design is Shockerous. For example, you can combine this beautiful font with an illustration design about fantasy machines or technology that usually appear in retro-futurism designs. By using this font, it will give a strong and remarkable retro impression to your design.

Grandeven Typeface

Source : Pollux of Geminorum

Are you looking for vintage font with more retro style? Grandeven Typeface can be a perfect choice for your retro-futurism design. With its unique and remarkable style, Grandeven Typeface is perfect for the steampunk genre. Also, with its stylish borders and eye-catching classic shapes, this font can be the best choice to complement your designs.


Source : Pollux of Geminorum

If you want to add an elegant impression to your retro-futurism design, Hassengard can be an interesting choice. At first glance, this font does seem very classic with its majestic style appearance. However, you can make it the perfect choice to combine it with a futuristic style. Its firm shape can also give a strong elegant-classic yet modern impression.

Those are a few things about the elements in retro-futurism design and how to choose the right font for any style you want. In essence, in terms of choosing patterns, shapes, and typography in retro-futurism design, you are free to combine all classic and modern elements as long as they look balanced. For example, you can combine futuristic illustrations with vintage fonts or futuristic fonts. You are free to be creative according to the theme you want to show.

In addition, although it seems like a minor factor, typography in retro-futurism design is also something you need to consider carefully. In this case, choosing the right font can affect the impression of the design you show. Therefore, first, consider the theme you want before choosing the font you want to use.

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