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Corporate Font

5 Corporate Font Mistakes to Avoid in Branding

Using the right corporate font is one of the essential steps in branding, but choosing generic business font does not mean that you are safe. Branding is a strategy that requires professionalism and consistency. Even one typography mistake can make or break people’s perception and trust toward your brand.

Choosing the wrong font for business is not the only mistake you could make in branding. Here are five common mistakes you must avoid when working with typeface for promoting your business.

Corporate Font
Source : Hype For Type

To Depending on Effects and Colors

When choosing corporate font and typeface for designing the label, avoid relying too much on effects and colors. Your brand typography must be versatile because you use it on various media. If you rely on effects and colors, your typography will lose its essence and consistency. 

This mistake is especially prominent if your brand uses a text-based logo. If color and effect such as detailed gradient are your only identities, your label will lose its impact when printed in grayscale or small objects like business cards. Having a color palette is excellent, but it should not be the only thing that shines in your brand.

Inconsistent Use of Typography

A good brand builds trust and reliability by being consistent in its message. People must immediately recognize your product or service when seeing your visual identity. This is why choosing the right corporate font is important; you need to use it for a long time and create brand consistency.

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A good font for business should reflect the image, philosophy, or theme of your product/service. Make sure to use a maximum of three fonts when designing your logo and branding message. Using too many fonts will confuse your visitors and blur the branding message. The basic rule is one font for the label or title and one for the regular texts.

Being Too Vague or Generic

Many business owners make mistakes by using generic or vague font and logos. You should add a unique characteristic to your typography and label, even for a formal business or service. It will distinguish your business from others, especially if you are in a competitive field. 

It is best to avoid free, generic, ubiquitous fonts, as many people are familiar with them. You can find specific font designs from a source such as Pollux of Geminorum. It offers original font designs that will prevent a generic look in your branding.

Being Too Excessive

What is being “excessive” in branding? It could be using too many colors in your typeface palette, choosing more than three fonts, or adding too many details in text-based logo designs. A good brand has a perfect balance between aesthetic and function, and it includes the font and typography design. Make sure every element is balanced and ask for the final product’s second, third, and fourth opinion.

Style over Readability

If you want to prevent a generic, nonmemorable look, make sure your corporate font is readable. Avoid choosing a decorative font that is hard to read when you print it on small scales, such as business cards or company mugs. Consider how the text will read when you print or put it on several branding tools, from printed media to website header.

Pollux of Geminorum offers corporate fonts with original designs and multiple licenses for various purposes. Download your font now to create a professional and consistent branding tool.

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