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Brand Logos

The 4 Essential Design Features to Level Up Your Brand Logos

For some people, brand logos may just appear like basic images. But for professionals in the creative industry, logos mean a lot for a business. Designing a logo for your business entails putting your company’s core values into one single visual element. And below are the essential features that can assist you in taking your brand logo to the next level.

Brand Logos
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A Design Speaks the Brand Values

A logo is an image of any business. Therefore, it must be able to deliver a clear and quick sense of the company’s ideology, emphasizing what makes the brand unique. Getting to know the brand and target audience is the first essential step to designing a logo that can speak the brand’s values.

The Amazon logo, for example, it’s not its sans-serif typeface that conveys the message of the company. Instead, it’s the arrow under the word “Amazon,” which doubles as a friendly smile that means excellent customer service. 

A Style That Fits the Brand

Designing from scratch or even leveling up brand logos entails comprehending the available logo styles. The following is a brief overview of the five logo styles to get you started.

  • Brandmarks: Global organizations commonly use this logo style for it can be recognized by a single symbol. It’s also an ideal option for brands that cannot be depicted through words.
  • Emblems: Emblem logos combine both icons or symbols and text. However, this style usually appears with the text inside the icon, which resembles a seal or badge.
  • Wordmarks: This one is comprised entirely of words—principally the company name. It can make an excellent option for a new business to elevate its brand. The rule of thumb is selecting a suitable font and color that aligns with the brand.
  • Combination Marks: While it’s also incorporate text and symbol, this style is more versatile to further explain your brand. Nearly half of the top global companies use this logo style.
  • Lettermarks: It’s commonly used for companies to shorten a lengthy name by utilizing an abbreviation. However, this style employs a more stylized typeface because it’s the focus of the design.

Color is a Key

Color holds a significant role in brand logos. It can say a lot more about the brand than any other visual element. Besides, the human mind can quickly respond to color; thus, it’s an essential part of logo design.

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Choice of color applied in the logo can influence the preference of the target audience. Therefore, understanding the psychology of color is essential for it can help in the process of designing a logo that can connect with the audience.

The Name of the Business

With only one picture, a strong logo can communicate the entire narrative of an organization or business. However, only certain major brands are able to use a brandmark logo. Unless your business is well-known, it’s a must for you to include your business name in your logo.

While it’s advised to incorporate the name of your company, it’s strongly recommended not to include any additional text. Adding text apart from the company name will instead make the logo appear challenging to read.

Final Verdict

Brand logos that can convey the personality of a company is compelling visual branding. It should have a consistent style that fits the brand personality, a company name, and a fitting color. Getting your brand recognized by many can be started by selecting a relevant font in Pollux of Geminorum. The rest of the design elements can follow.

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