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Korean Style Font

6 Best Korean Style Font for All Design

Everything about Korea seems to be fascinating recently. Aside from the entertainment world, Korean culture also has an impact on the design, from the rising popularity of Korean style fonts. The most prominent characteristics of the Korean font are mainly inspired by hangul, an alphabetical system used throughout the country.

However, no need to worry. You don’t have to understand hangul to use fonts inspired by it. Here are some of the best Korean style fonts you can use for all designs.

Korean Style Font
Source : Pollux of Geminorum
  • Money Game Font

Money game is a beautiful complement for any Korean style design, as it is inspired by the famous South Korean show. It makes a good choice for greeting cards, movie posters, YouTube videos, social media posts, and even logo creation, among other things. The appearance resembles Korean letters or the hangul so that it will give you a sense of Korean feeling.

  • River Where The Moon Rises Film Font

This font had been used in a Korean drama that was aired in early 2021 with the same title. The name of the font for this historical drama is Lamar Pen Font. The font gives an artistic feeling with its curved handwriting, making it look classic and timeless at the same time.

  • Core Sans

If you like a simple and modern font that doesn’t look too Korean, this one can be a perfect choice. Core Sans is included in the sans serif type, suitable for any simple design. The spacing between each letterform is fine-tuned to ensure flawless typography. The font supports many codepages such as MS Windows 949 Korean with more than 10,000 letters and Korean Symbols.

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Core Sans is recommended for screen displays, web, books, and many more.

  • Core Bandi

This font is a grunge-style 3D font with equal “flat” styles called Core Bandi Face. Core Bandi is an adorable typeface with a rhythmic flow, with which you can create a variety of color combinations easily, either with Core Bandi or Core Bandi Face. It is not easy to find a 3D-doodled Korean font since it has more than 11,000 characters. However, this font supports all 11,172 Korean symbols, suitable for posters, books, and magazines.

  • RyuGothic Family

A font that is said to be the humanistic take of the original hangul, RyuGothic helps you deliver your messages in a smooth, tranquil tone without being overpowering. It connects narrow counters often found in hangul consonants and lowercase letters in Latin to give a sense of structural unity of the two letters set. This makes it easier to read a long line and is applicable to a wide range of contexts and media.

  • Core Narae

The last one is Core Narae, an elegant and casual cursive style typeface with hand-crafted characters. Because of its rhythmic vibe and curving strokes, it makes the design inviting and lively. Therefore, this font is ideal for posters, cards, or headers with fun text. Core Narae also supports all 11,172 Korean symbols and letters, making your works more emotional and friendlier.

Choosing the right font is crucial for design, whatever kinds you make. Check out Pollux of Geranium for sets of cool and elegant fonts, as well as designing tips, trends, and many more.

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