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Script Font

What is a Script Font? A Complete Guide

Script font is a type of font that makes any design look more stylish and artistic. It is basically a typeface that is designed to look like cursive or interconnected writing. Simple handwriting and calligraphy can also be classified as script fonts.

Script Font
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This article will give you a deeper insight into what is a script font, the types, and style.

Brief History of Script Fonts

Script has a long way down history, dated back to the 17th century where it was still a style of handwriting that had been commonly used during that era. People at the time had used a quill to write, resulting in joined letters with flowing formations and fluid to speed up the writing process.

Script fonts are heavily influenced by the classic writing styles, with George Bickham as one of the writing masters of the time. The signature styles of script fonts are interwoven loops, curves, and various thicknesses that make the font in character.

Two Categories of Script Fonts

In general, script fonts consist of two main categories: formal and casual. Here are the differences.

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  • Formal script: More refined, traditional, and classic in appearance. It is regularly used for decorative announcements such as invitations.
  • Casual script: A modern twist for the formal counterparts with a touch of humanity and casuality on the design. Casual scripts are often described as warm and appealing; thus, it is mainly used for brand identities. 

Script Fonts Types

Script fonts are later broke down into several types as follow:

  • Calligraphy

Out of all cursive and script font types, calligraphy is arguably the most elegant. This type of font is commonly used in wedding invitations and other formal designs for a little more visual punch. 

You will also find calligraphic fonts for many other decorative purposes, such as quote posters or famous sayings. The most important features of this font are the swirls and swashes that embellish between letters and sentences.  Calligraphy typefaces can be simple and defined or heavily ornate with loops and brushwork.

  • Handwritten

As the name suggests, handwritten script is basically handwritten letters transformed into digital typefaces. However, it is essentially different from calligraphy since the handwritten script is less elegant and formal. It has irregular brushstrokes and does not follow the traditional brushing style of calligraphic letters of thin curves and thick ascenders.

Handwritten script fonts are divided into two categories: generic cursive and current hand-lettering. Some designers consider modern hand-lettered typefaces to be a modern look of calligraphy, yet each font is disputed owing to its distinctiveness.

  • Novelty 

Do you know the iconic Coca-Cola font? It falls into the novelty handwritten category. Novelty typefaces have such a distinctive design that makes them unfit to any other category but surely resemble one.

Another font style considered a novelty is the Graffiti font style, as it is unique, different, and special. However, Graffiti fonts don’t have any strict pattern as each type depends on the creativity of the creators.

In terms of appearance, script fonts is suitable for any modern and artistic design. But don’t you want to know more about design tips, fonts collection and so on? You can find all of that in one place. Head to Pollux of Geminorum to find more.

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