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Utilizing Graphic Design in Social Media Marketing

Marketing is arguably the most important part of a company’s operation in this era. Companies use many platforms for marketing their product, and social media takes a top spot on the list. In such a platform, graphic design becomes an important facet of the marketing activity.

7 Graphic Contents in Social Media

Social Media
Source : Ekrut

If you are utilizing social platforms to launch marketing campaigns, it is better to use multiple forms of graphic content. Here are seven content formats that companies use in their social accounts to promote products and services:

1. Poster

The company can create posters to promote certain events or promotions in the social accounts. A great poster tends to be informative without adding many texts. Using a bold background will also help grab people’s attention.

2. Photos

Something as simple as a freshly taken image would be a great addition to the social account. The photo posted should be relevant with other content too. Editing the image to match the ambiance of the account is highly recommended.

3. Videos

Usually, videos posted on a company’s social account are tutorials and advertisements. A good video should be informative but not lengthy. Graphic video editing is necessary because the well-edited video shows that the company pays attention to detail.

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4. Animations

The company can also use graphic design tools to make animations. It is definitely a more affordable option compared to shooting a video. The designer needs to be well-versed with animation techniques to create a good product.

5. Visual Data

Social media is also used to present data to customers. Most of the time, it is difficult for people to understand numeric data. Graphic design in the form of visual data is important in this case. Audience will have an easier time digesting the information presented.

6. Informative Screenshots

Screenshot-style posts are popular these days. Commonly, people use this to promote testimonials from past customers. However, you can create this graphic content to introduce ideas that require a lot of narration.

7. Quote Cards

Certain quotes may reflect the company’s value better than any photo or video. Quote cards can be made using graphic tools. When it comes to quote cards, simple is definitely the best as you do not want to take attention off the beautiful words. The font choice should be kept in mind, though.

Making Engaging Graphic Design Contents

Social Media
Source : Pinterest

Managing a social media account is not easy. You need to produce content and interact with other users regularly. It is also challenging because, at times, the content does not receive adequate engagement. Here are some tips to boost engagement to your content:

  • Making sure that the design has an eye-catching color and avoiding monochrome design
  • Paying attention to the contrast between elements in a design
  • Choosing the right typography style for the contents
  • Creating a template for each type of content to create consistency
  • Adding the brand logo on every content produced for the account
  • Working within the human’s attention span (it can be done by ensuring the content can be consumed in less than ten seconds)

Social media marketing is tedious, but you do not want to omit it from your company’s task list. Generating high-quality content with graphic design is something that must be done consistently. To get more comprehensive ideas about using design to enhance your social account,  visit

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